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photo interior of indoor swimming enclosureTransform your outdoor pool into a year-round indoor swim center with Allsite’s Tension Fabric Structures. Enhance revenue, ensure all-weather usability, and enjoy versatile sports facilities. Contact us at 1-888-599-5112 for more information

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Planning to elevate your commercial pool facility? Share your insights on transforming it into a year-round swim center using Allsite’s Tension Fabric Structures!

Numerous organizations, communities, schools, and clubs aspire to offer year-round swimming opportunities but are constrained by the limitations of an outdoor pool that remains open for just a few months each year. Constructing an entirely new swim center is often a prohibitively costly and time-consuming endeavor, placing it out of reach for many such organizations. However, by leveraging a tension fabric structure, an outdoor swimming pool can be rapidly and cost-effectively converted into a natatorium – a fully enclosed indoor swimming pool enclosure

Monetize Your Indoor Swim Center Year-Round

If your sports organization, community, school, or business has an existing outdoor pool that is only seasonally available, turning your outdoor pool enclosure into an indoor aquatic center will allow year-round use of the facility. Increase revenues or offer new classes and activities by fully utilizing your existing pool. If your pool serves competitive swimmers, having year-round access means more swim training, exhibitions, and competitions. Communities can offer more youth swim lessons, senior citizen exercise sessions, baby and toddler swim classes, recreational and club activities. Newer pools that include water features such as fountains, slides, and play areas will attract recreational users year-round, significantly increasing revenues to offset the investment in the property.

It’s Easy to Take Your Outdoor Swim Center Indoors

photo of happy teens at indoor swim center

happy teen group at swimming pool class learning to swim and have fun

Compared to a traditional building project, Allsite’s tension fabric structure (TFS) is a fast and simple solution for creating an outdoor pool enclosure. With our flexible lease program, unlike the construction of a traditional building, there is no long-term capital investment needed. And there’s no long wait to get your natatorium up and running. The TFS’s modular structure is designed for easy installation over your pool, playing field, or other surface to quickly create a fully enclosed sports facility. The high-strength, rust, and corrosion-free aluminum and fabric structure can be built directly over the pool or built separately, then wheeled into place. Our optional wheel system also means the structure can be designed to be pulled back for special outdoor events or for the summer.

Spacious, Support-Free Interior: Allsite TFS at Its Best

The Allsite TFS offers abundant indoor space without the need for internal supports. Its lofty ceiling design creates a wide-open and airy environment, ideal for various activities, accommodating everything from air filtration ductwork to spectator stands and changing rooms.

With your newly transformed indoor pool facility, safeguarded by a tension fabric pool structure from Allsite, the possibilities for innovation are endless. Consider the addition of exciting features, like updated diving boards or family-friendly attractions such as water slides and fountains. Enhance your facility by incorporating dressing rooms and a range of indoor services, making it more appealing for both professional and amateur swim training activities, club events, and much more. The potential for elevating your swim center is vast, all within the comfort of an indoor swimming pool enclosure shielded by the robust Allsite tension fabric structure.

Ensuring Comfort and Health in Your Indoor Swim Center

indoor pool photo of swimmer doing breastroke

a beanie swimmer stretches his arms in the water during a breaststroke workout in the pool, blurred focus

An indoor pool offers a range of advantages, including:

All-Weather Protection

The robust, stable, and aerodynamic fabric structure provides year-round shelter, safeguarding your indoor swimming pool enclosure from various weather conditions. Whether it’s the scorching summer sun, winter rain, snow, hail, or icy conditions, this structure stands strong. Its resilience to winds matches that of traditional buildings. With your tension fabric building in place, there’s no need to worry about weather-related cancellations for events or classes.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Your indoor aquatic center, will also be cleaner and easier to maintain. The absence of outdoor debris, such as dust, leaves, and other contaminants, means your enclosed pool requires less filtration and remains cleaner for longer periods, reducing your overall maintenance costs.

Enhanced Safety

An indoor facility offers an additional layer of safety. It can be securely locked to prevent unauthorized access by people and animals. Supervised entry points reduce the risk of accidents, particularly for children who can’t accidentally wander into the pool area.

Flexible Usage: Temporary or Permanent

Our indoor outdoor structures offer versatile usage options. They can be leased for the duration you need, whether for temporary events or permanent installations. Should your plans change, the Allsite TFS is easily removable. Even with decades of use, it requires minimal maintenance and remains durable, standing up to all weather conditions year after year.

Ensuring Air Quality in Your Indoor Swimming Pool Enclosure

Air quality is a crucial factor in maintaining the health and safety of your new indoor pool facility. Humidity and pool chemical off-gassing can contribute to poor air quality and the accumulation of condensation. In traditional buildings, if left unmanaged, this can result in the growth of mold and mildew, posing additional health hazards. The Allsite aluminum-framed structure and heavy-duty PVC fabric are designed to resist mold and mildew, ensuring a safe environment. The structure is also resistant to rust and corrosion, even in the challenging conditions of a swimming pool enclosure, making it the ideal choice for housing an indoor pool facility.

The Allsite tension fabric structure provides ample open indoor space, accommodating your dehumidifier, air filtration, and HVAC systems along with related ductwork. This configuration ensures the maintenance of excellent indoor air quality at all times. The modular structure allows for flexible configurations, facilitating proper ventilation and strategic openings for equipment placement, optimizing the overall quality of the indoor environment.

Versatile Sports Facilities with Allsite Tension Fabric Structures

exterior photo of open span sports structureAllsite tension fabric buildings transcend beyond aquatic spaces. They offer expansive, hygienic, and inviting indoor play and training facilities suitable for an extensive array of sports, including tennis, badminton, soccer, football, baseball, and field and ice hockey. These robust open span sports structures are available in various widths and customizable lengths, providing ample open space for courts and playing fields. They seamlessly accommodate all the essentials for your sports facility, encompassing spectator seating, concession stands, locker rooms, and office space. Tailor the environment to your liking by installing preferred lighting, doors, and ventilation. Additionally, integrate your own power, HVAC, signage, and sound systems, including cutting-edge pool enclosure systems, to unleash boundless creativity in configuring your Allsite tension fabric sports building. For more information, feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-599-5112.

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