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Discover the essential steps to build an indoor Tennis facility with Allsite’s state-of-the-art tension fabric structures, ensuring a seamless and efficient construction process.

Covered in this post:

  1. Tennis Facility Surge: Explore the rising popularity driving the need for advanced indoor spaces.
  2. Allsite’s Contribution: Discover how Allsite structures support nationwide Tennis center expansion.
  3. JTCC College Park Success: Learn how JTCC maximizes its Tennis complex with Allsite’s structures.
  4. Advantages of Allsite Buildings: Explore the strength and flexibility of Allsite’s tension fabric structures.
  5. Year-Round Tennis: Transform seasonal play into a year-round experience with Allsite’s solutions.
  6. Cost-Effective, Quick Solutions: Implement fast and affordable indoor Tennis venues with Allsite’s structures.

Ready to build the ultimate indoor tennis center? Imagine the key features that would make it a success. What’s on your must-have list? We’d love to get your feedback in our comments section below.

Top-Quality Indoor Tennis Facility with an Allsite Tension Fabric Structure

Three dark green and white structures form an indoor tennis facility at College Park, showcasing top-quality court constructionTennis has grown significantly in popularity in the last few years. In the US, more than 23 million people play Tennis, an increase of almost six million since 2020. Participation in the sport spans all ages and skill levels. This exciting momentum in the sport is great news for US participation in international professional Tennis competitions. Tennis is also a great sport for young people, whether they play pro or not, building strong bodies and healthy habits to last a lifetime. With the rapid growth of the sport, Tennis centers are springing up across the country, providing quality play spaces for players of all ages and skill levels. Allsite is excited to be able to help Tennis organizations increase their playing court availability with year-round tension fabric structures, revolutionizing indoor Tennis court construction.

Allsite Sports Structures Serve JTCC College Park MD Tennis Club

Elevated view of outdoor tennis courts with the expansive side of an indoor facility, highlighting premier tennis construction.

Allsite’s tension fabric structures are perfect venues for indoor Tennis court construction, providing airy, spacious interiors in comfortable, climate controlled, and easy-to-maintain buildings for playing Tennis. These structures redefine the traditional building type for indoor Tennis facilities and appeal to schools, clubs, communities, and organizations of all sizes. For example, one of our longest continuing Tennis facilities is the set of three structures permanently installed as part of the sprawling Tennis complex of the Junior Tennis Champions Center (JTCC), adjacent to the University of Maryland campus in College Park, Maryland.

Serving the Community

The JTCC offers Tennis programs for everyone interested in playing Tennis, with programs that include introducing community youth to the sport. They also train and develop professional track players in conjunction with the USTA, the governing agency that promotes the sport of Tennis, and owns and sponsors competitive events across the US. JTCC also has on-site education programs and provides scholarships for outstanding graduates to continue their pro Tennis training, as well as academic scholarships to colleges and universities. Their Tennis-focused campus is multipurpose and busy year-round, serving the needs of their large and growing Tennis community.

The JTCC at College Park is a large facility, featuring a total of 32 Tennis courts, both indoor and out. The three expansive Allsite tension fabric structures (TFS) on-site each house five indoor hard clay courts, for a total of fifteen. The addition of indoor cover Tennis courts to the College Park Tennis facility provided badly needed year-round space for the center’s Tennis and other club activities, showcasing the effectiveness of Allsite’s indoor Tennis court construction solutions.

Allsite Tension Fabric Tennis Structures

Interior view of a tennis court at Allsite's Facility, highlighting the spacious square foot design ideal for indoor tennisThe Tennis structures at the JTCC College Park facility are only one of Allsite’s indoor Tennis courts and sports facilities in North America serve as versatile spaces. In addition to functioning as indoor Tennis facilities, Allsite’s tension fabric sports buildings provide accessible and flexible solutions for various sports, including basketball, badminton, football, softball, pickleball, field and ice hockey, and swimming, making it a leader in innovative indoor Tennis court construction.

Allsite structures are designed for easy installation and reliable service. These modular buildings are sized to fit the intended site and usage needs. They can be installed over existing courts and play fields. The structures are secured in place with anchoring systems that require no foundation and leave almost no trace on removal. Here are some features and advantages of an Allsite tension fabric sports structure:

Strength and Reliability

Angled shot of the truss of Allsite's Tennis Facility against a clear blue sky, emphasizing strength in Tennis construction.The Allsite tension fabric structure is supported by a high-strength, stable, and highly durable engineered aluminum alloy frame that is rust and corrosion-resistant. The extruded modular components are built to last and for ease of assembly. Installation by our Allsite team is usually completed in a matter of days.

The walls and roof of the building add strength and protection from the elements. Industrial-strength PVC panels tensioned over the aluminum frame create a taut, unmovable high-strength building that will stand for decades, resisting UV radiation, wind, snow, and rain. The buildings meet local building codes and require little maintenance. Various options are available for doors and other openings, including glass entry doors and cargo or freight doors, as well as options for ventilation and lighting.

Open Span Customizable Interior

Open-span interior view of a Tennis court at Allsite's facility, showcasing versatile design and customization for an optimal playing experience.


The Allsite tension fabric building’s airy, wide, open span and high clearance interior provide the perfect setting for indoor sports play. There is ample space for courts or playing fields, as well as room for spectator seating, equipment, sound systems, signage, concession stands, and even office space or locker rooms. The structures are available in a number of widths, with length customizable to your needs and square footage that caters to the needs of players and spectators alike. The generous space allows for the inclusion of multiple courts and additional amenities, creating a dynamic and versatile environment. Most of our sports installations hold multiple courts of play so games can go on simultaneously.

Year-Round Use in Comfortable, Climate-Controlled Structure

Snow-covered view between two Allsite buildings, creating a picturesque winter scene for indoor Tennis facilities.If you’ve been waiting to expand your pro or community Tennis facility to year-round play, the Allsite sports structure provides the solution. There’s no need to set up and take down equipment due to weather, just customize your indoor facility as you want and it’s ready to provide exciting Tennis play space all year round, no matter the weather. As interest in the sport has grown, year-round buildings allow organizations to grow with it, adding more classes, practice sessions, competitions and chances to introduce more players to the game. Cover existing courts and transform your seasonal court play to year-round, welcoming indoor space, with all the comforts and advantages that offer.

Flexible Cost-Effective Lease and Fast Delivery

Snow-covered angled view capturing three structures, showcasing resilience and elegance for indoor Tennis buildings.Tension fabric buildings offer not only a spacious and comfortable indoor venue for your Tennis or other sports activities, they are also available quickly when and where you need them. With our easy lease program, there’s no capital project to plan and budget, and you have the flexibility to remove the structure when you want. Most of our sports facilities are used for years in one place, even decades, as the structures are built to stand the test of time. With its modular construction, the Allsite tension fabric sports structure can usually be delivered within weeks of order and installed in a matter of days, ready for you to add the interior features and touches that make it your own.

Allsite’s tension fabric structures redefine the traditional building type for indoor Tennis facilities. Our cutting-edge designs and use of advanced materials, including aluminum alloy frames, set the stage for an innovative and efficient space. Experience the perfect blend of form and function in our state-of-the-art structures.

For more information on all-season, tension fabric sports buildings, contact an Allsite representative today at 1-888-599-5112.


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