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Tennis is no longer only a fair weather sport. Now amateur and professional athletes enjoy playing indoors year around, in all types of weather conditions. Fabric indoor tennis structures provide players, fans, and facility owners with a wealth of benefits.

Tennis Court in temporary structure

Relocatable and Expandable Indoor Tennis Structures

What an athletic facility needs today might be far different from what it may need tomorrow. Because of that, facilities benefit from the fact that tensioned fabric indoor tennis structures are both relocatable and expandable.

In regard to relocation, facilities can easily move their intact structures with a crane or with available wheels. They can also be disassembled and moved via truck. For expansion needs, facilities have the option of adding to their Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) in order to meet their growth potential.

Savings over the Life of the Structure

According to the International Tennis Federation, fabric frame structures offer savings over the long term when compared with air structures and rigid framed buildings.

This is great news for facilities that want to offer the indoor tennis experience without the expensive maintenance costs that come with air structures and permanent buildings. They can get their indoor tennis courts up and running and start saving immediately.

Long Lasting

The superior installation shines through in regard to the structures’ longevity. Fabric structures can last many years, and the framework lasts even longer. In comparison, air structures have a much shorter length of use.

Facilities that want to have indoor tennis structures for the long term typically choose tensioned fabric. They do not have to worry about frequent replacement costs and can avoid the inconvenience and down time that comes with new installations.

Protection from the Sun

People who play tennis in hot climates can feel overwhelmed with the heat in the middle of the summer. Fabric tennis structures provide protection from the blazing sun, making it easier for them to hit winners against their opponents. It also keeps the courts full during the summer time, even during the hottest of days.

This year’s Australian Open is a prime example of how battling the heat while playing tennis can be dangerous to a player’s health. Argentine player, Diego Schwartzman, was forced to retire in the second round due to heat stroke and cramping.

Controlled Environments

Not only do indoor tennis structures protect from damaging UV rays, but TFS indoor tennis courts can also be temperature controlled with HVAC systems. There are also ventilation options, and louvres that let in outside air when temperatures and weather conditions allow.

Increases Fan Engagement

When a tennis facility is comfortable, fans are more likely to come out and see the stars play. Once facilities add the indoor tennis structures, they are likely to notice an increase in both attendance and engagement. This helps boost the facility’s tennis programs and events. It also gets the players more enthused about the sport, which can help them improve their skills.

Works with Existing Courts

Building an indoor tennis court is incredibly expensive. In most cases tensioned fabric structures do not require a foundation, so they work with existing courts. Facilities simply need to choose the court, or courts they want to cover and then begin the installation. Allsite’s typical installation time is 10,000 feet per day. This saves time and capital and makes it easier for facilities to make the transformation from outdoor to indoor.

tennis balls on the ground near net

Customization Options

Allsite Structure Rentals offer a variety of customization options for indoor tennis structures. The options allow people to cover a single tennis court or multiple courts at once. This makes it simple for facilities to get exactly what they need out of the structures. They can go completely indoor or they can build only a handful of indoor courts. The ball is truly in their court in regard to how they want to set up their customized enclosures.

Indoor tennis structures help people enjoy their favorite sports year round, regardless of the weather. It does not matter if a facility is located in a hot, cold, or mild climate. Tennis businesses can benefit from adding at least one of these structures to its grounds. Once added, the facility will begin to enjoy all of the benefits that come with tensioned fabric tennis structures.

For more information or to get started with your indoor tennis structure, contact us now.

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