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With technology’s impressive advances, innovation in sports continues to abound, with new developments for both pros and amateurs to help train and tone, improve skills and conquer new sports challenges. Whether in digital technology or tension fabric sports buildings, innovation helps athletes and organizations up their game.

We are all familiar with the rapid pace of digital technology innovation. With this year’s CES, the annual consumer electronics show held in Las Vegas, just wrapped up, we took note of some of the innovations on display at this year’s CES.

One that stood out was YogiFi, an intelligent yoga mat that makes yoga sessions more convenient than ever for busy people. It provides users with their own virtual yoga instructor who can be activated wherever they go. And for people into a more intense workout, MAXPRO, an over the shoulder, all-in-one gym can replace an entire gym full of equipment. Users can set resistance levels that range from 10 to 300 pounds, all in a device small enough and light enough to fit in a backpack.

CES made us reflect on the innovative nature of tension fabric buildings. Innovation isn’t confined to devices, equipment or screens, it also incorporates the spaces where athletics takes place. Allsite sports buildings represent some of the latest developments in tension fabric structure (TFS) architecture, providing bright, open, airy spaces suitable for many sports. With reusable and recyclable components, and an energy efficient design, it’s a green product that is a unique and versatile innovation. It delivers open indoor space quickly (installation takes only days after delivery) and effectively for any indoor and many outdoor sports uses. 

Going Big with Tension Fabric Sports Buildings

With spacious, high ceiling and a clear span design with no internal columns, tension fabric sports buildings provide ample practice, workout, training, game or tournament facilities for individual and team sports.

The bright, climatizable interior, multiple options and fully usable space of tension fabric structures take sports facilities to a new level. Leasable and sized to fit user requirements, tension fabric structures are a smart solution in areas where indoor space is needed, and where funding and building a new permanent structure is not in the picture. The tension fabric sports structure can be installed for permanent or temporary use. It can be returned when no longer needed, or moved to a new site for another use.  A variety of available anchoring types means the structure can be installed on almost any terrain on available land. Its curved design and solid framing mean it is able to withstand heat, cold, wind and precipitation, and last for decades with minimal maintenance costs.

Multi-Use Sports Buildings

These structures, sized from 48’ (15m) widths to 157’ (48m) and in  lengths customizable in 5 meter increments, are perfect venues for sports such as tennis, swimming, basketball, gymnasiums, and general, multi-purpose use. Schools, municipalities and professional minor and major league sports teams can benefit from their use to house everything from practice and games, to use as public recreational facilities. They can be the main arena for activities or used as auxiliary space where existing indoor facilities are inadequate. With high clearance and easy access via a variety of optional entrances, they provide accessible and pleasant indoor space for a wide range of occupants – players, coaches and staff as well as room for equipment, overhead signage and speakers, with room for stands or viewing areas for fans and visitors.

Advantages of Choosing a Tension Fabric Sports Facility

For many outdoor sports, a tension fabric sports structure can provide an opportunity to play year round, no matter the weather. Fabric buildings provide protection from rain, wind and snow as well as avoiding the dangers of wet, muddy or slushy surfaces to players. These sturdy highly engineered, aluminum framed structures are corrosion and rust resistant. 

They protect investments in playing surfaces, equipment, seating and other structures. Add HVAC and ventilation options to keep the interior and those inside comfortable no matter the outside weather.

Fabric tension structures mean that sports facilities can be quickly made available in tight urban spaces or in small communities with lots of open space. They can be erected faster than waiting for permanent buildings to be available. 

With the innovative space made available by tension fabric structures, teams and organizations can provide their players with their own facilities, allowing them to elevate their programs to a new level.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures Sports Buildings

Moving your sports organization forward can be helped with new ideas and innovation. New technologies and year round accessible and inspiring spaces can help provide the step up needed to improve services, and help athletes and their managers achieve their goals. For more information on Allsite tension fabric sports structures, call 888-599-5112 or request a free quote today.

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Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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