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sport-high-united-states-of-america-ball-mediumOne of the most popular sports in America is Basketball. People from all over the world get together to watch and play this sport. In fact, so many people play this sport, that children even participate.


The great thing about basketball, is that when kids participate in the sport, they are staying active. There is a lot of running back and forth, so kids are able to get in a good amount of exercise.


Here are some fun facts about basketball from


    • Basketball was created by a man named Naismith who wanted to keep athletes fit during the winter.


    • Naismith’s original game involved rolling the ball along the ground before shooting it into the basket.


    • Passing a basketball was created by Lambert G. Will.


    • The original basketball basket was closed at the bottom where you needed a ladder to recover the ball.


    • Dribbling the ball was illegal in Naismith’s original rules.


    • The first basketball game was in 1892.


    • Basketball is the national sport of Lithuania and Georgia.


    • Basketball has been in every summer Olympics since 1936 and USA has won 14 times.


    • In 2011 over 249,000 people were treated for basketball injuries.


  • Basketball is the second sport with the most injuries, behind only American Football.


Basketball is a great way for children to spend their time, and it makes sense since so many people love it. Basketball tournaments are held all of the country, and usually this activity will take place in a gym or outside.


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