LAMS Large Area Maintenance Shelters

Tension Fabric Buildings Fulfill LAMS Applications


LAMS interior tension fabric structure with lighting

Tension Fabric Buildings are the perfect shelter and storage solution when a Large Area Maintenance Shelter (LAMS) is required. Spacious and open-span, tension fabric buildings have the reliability of traditional frame structures with the added benefits of being easy to transport, quick to install, relocatable and versatile enough to be used anywhere they are needed.

Military and Commercial Use Temporary or Permanent Fabric Buildings

For both field and on-base LAMS installations, the customizable and reconfigurable Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) is a reliable and customizable choice for almost any need. Built to withstand harsh conditions and provide reliable shelter with expansive usable space and a comfortable interior, the Allsite tension fabric structure is adaptable for a wide range of ,military and commercial uses including the following:

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militray transport plan outside a LAMS fabric military aviation hangar

Storage and Maintenance Facilities:

  • Aviation Hangar
  • Helicopter Storage and Maintenance
  • UAV Hangar and Operations
  • Transport and Other Equipment Storage and Repair Facility
  • Stores and Supplies Depot

Base and Field Services and Personnel Use:

  • Command and Communications/TOC Tactical Operations Center
  • Airfield/UAV Operations Center
  • Sleeping Quarters
  • Recreation Facilities
  • Dining Facilities
  • Medical Facility/Field Hospital
  • Classroom and Training Space

Advantages of Allsite LAMS Fabric Building

Designed for versatility and rugged locales:

  • No foundation required, install anywhere - equally at home on asphalt, concrete, turf and tarmac, or on mud, sand and loose, rocky or impenetrable soils.
  • Lightweight extruded aluminum frame for easy transport and fast installation
  • Modular design for customization
  • Clear span interior, interior height up to 54’, width to 156’, unlimited length
  • All weather structure, deployable and reliable in all climates:
    • Heavy wind, rain, snow and ice
    • extreme heat, blowing sand
    • Earthquake resistant, water resistant

Sturdy and highly durable for decades of service, the TFS is available quickly, within weeks of your LAMS order and can be installed, reconfigured or relocated, and ready for use in a matter of days. The TFS is available for sale, rent or lease to provide a quick and convenient temporary or permanent building solution.

Accessories and Options

TFS LAMS fabric building with cargo door and fabric door openings

The TFS/LAMS is fully customizable and adaptable to its intended use, and can be reconfigured according to changing needs during deployment. Among many options are the following:

Choice of Access:

  • Vehicle Access/Cargo Doors
  • Hangar/Clamshell Aviation Doors
  • Bifold and Freight Doors
  • Steel or Glass, Single or Double Personnel Doors

Other Options:

  • Vents, fans and louvers
  • Crane-lift packages
  • Variety of Anchoring solutions
  • Lighting and electrical
  • Truss system
  • Adaptable for HVAC/Heating and Solar Panels
  • Vestibule entryways

LAMS installation includes identifying an appropriate anchoring system for the type of ground under the structure, as well as considerations for climate conditions and how the structure will be used. Anchoring solutions include stakes and anchors, ballast tie downs, or block mount. Concrete anchors may be used for more permanent installations. Container mount is available when added interior ceiling height is desired.

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Accessories and Packages






Steel Overhead Door | Fabric Cargo Door | Personnel Door

Exhaust Fans | Louvers | Framed Openings for Air Filtration

Crane Lift Package | Wheel System Package

Stakes | Concrete Ballasts

Metal Halide Lights | Translucent Fabric