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The Smart Choice for Fabric Structures

Ready to find out how our industrial and construction shelters can help your job site?

The TFS is an ideal structure for covering construction sites

  • Works with almost any job site.
    Sizes from 50’ to 156’ width, length is whatever you need.
  • Plenty of vertical height
    Allow heavy equipment operation or covering of existing structures.  Peak heights up to 54’.
  • Does not require a foundation; works on almost any surface.
    Thanks to the TFS’s flexible aluminum frame construction.
  • Don’t worry about the cold or wind!
    Allsite’s temporary construction shelters are designed to work in any climate including areas with high wind requirements and snow.

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More About Our All-Weather Construction Site Shelters

Allsite Structure Rental is the solution
for taking weather delays out of the equation

Why It Makes Sense

Weather delays can be costly on a construction site, affecting productivity and impacting deadlines. Allsite TFS is the ideal solution for the construction industry: we can meet stringent regulations, with rapid installation time and stay within or under the budget. With lightweight aluminum frame and high-grade architecturally designed fabrics, TFS can be crane-lifted into place, over existing buildings or construction.

Our wheel system allows structure movement by sections where access is limited.  Limited foundation requirements also means an expedited build process, even on the most unusual and sensitive surfaces. So installation may be completed without any prior site work. Convenient monthly leasing options, ease of relocation, and re-configurability allow for greater project convenience and flexibility.

An Allsite TFS Structure is the ultimate solution for the construction industry, providing temporary and long-term solutions, erected in a fraction of the time required for a conventional building.

"Our project risked delay and failure. We contacted Allsite and their specialist showed us a cost analysis for the project, and it was cheaper to use a TFS, than to delay the project."

Marc StanleyLead Project Manager

The Benefits of Choosing Allsite

  • We are ready for immediate shipment
    We maintain a large inventory to speed our response to you
  • Fast installation means less disruption to your project
    Our lightweight aluminum frames can even be crane-lifted into place over existing buildings
  • Get what you need specifically for your project
    Accessories and packages designed and inventoried specifically for the needs of construction projects.
  • Questions? Need Advice? We offer expert help
    Allsite has experienced sales and project managers that will find the best solution for your project. Our lead techs average over 15 years of experience installing TFS structures. Their knowledge of the TFS means practical solutions can be found to any problem.
  • Things change, and so do we
    We are flexible in our scheduling and understand that there can be changes on construction sites.
    We can relocate and reconfigure your installation as your requirements change.
  • Avoid the regulatory headaches down the road
    We are experienced at meeting even stringent regulations
  • Pricing options to put it within your budget
    We have monthly leasing options and will work with your financial requirements
illustration of tension fabric structure design construction by crane.
Flat end design for flexible accessory placement & maximum usable space.
Multiple personnel & equipment door options.
Curved eve framework allows snow to shed easily & creates high center height for operation of heavy equipment.
When penetration of the ground is not permitted, TFS ballasts can be used to meet engineering loads
Horizontal tensioning of the roof panels creates a sealed building allowing structures to maintain negative pressure. Horizontal tensioning of the roof panels creates a sealed building allowing structures to maintain negative pressure.
Proprietary crane lift kits make moving a fully assembled TFS easy for multiple relocations.
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