Marinas, Ports and Terminals

Large Span Buildings for Marine and Waterway Structures

construction temporary shelter

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures provides marine building solutions and weatherproof cover for use at marinas, ports, waterways and terminals. Versatile and customizable, these durable open span structures are highly engineered for durability and reliability to accommodate a range of uses, and are designed to perform in harsh environments, anywhere they are needed.

Custom Marine Building Solutions

Industrial Storage Facility for Warehousing

Tough enough to handle harsh marine environments, dampness, salt water intrusion, winds, rains and snow, Allsite tension fabric buildings protect your operation against the elements. They are built to last for years of superior protection of inventory, equipment or operations.

Allsite large span buildings provide temporary or permanent marine storage or operations facilities for activities such as:

  • Cover for loading and container storage areas
  • Protection from the elements of port loading areas
  • Cruise terminal passenger reception and waiting areas
  • Provide dry storage for commodity and bulk inventory
  • Storage or maintenance facility for boats, yachts and other watercraft
  • Serve as transloading facility at waterway terminals and ports
  • Port and transit authority operations

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Customizable and Versatile Marine Storage and Operations Structures

Marine tension fabric structure with ballast anchorage for use on ships and docks

These highly durable fabric buildings can be customized for specific applications and needs. Available in a range of sizes, the structure can be adapted with custom entry/exit doors, ventilation and climatization.

There are many available options to customize your open span marina building, such as:

  • Variety of widths and lengths
  • Choice of entryways including open-end, freight or cargo doors, and personnel doors as well as more custom options.
  • Anchoring solutions for any terrain or surface, no foundation required
  • Weatherproofing for extreme conditions
  • Wheel system allows construction over other existing structures and water channels
  • Robust frame can support weight of hanging systems such as lighting

Advanced Design and Engineering


Allsite structures are designed to deliver reliable and durable service for use in any environment. Whether for temporary or permanent use, the structure features a lightweight but high strength, highly-engineered extruded aluminum frame which ensures rust and corrosion-free performance. The proprietary formula PVC fabric cover resists contamination and withstands UV radiation. When installed over the frame, it further strengthens the structure for stability as well as creating a hard shell to easily shed even heavy rainfall and prevent snow from accumulating on the building. The structures efficient modular design means they can be configured, delivered and installed quickly and will provide years of low-maintenance service.

tension fabric structure in progress at waterfront marine building installation

Allsite buildings advanced design features provide maximum value and utility, with features such as:

  • Engineered aluminum frame is corrosion and rust resistant for tough marine environments
  • Durable fabric is UV resistant and holds up in extreme weather and environmental conditions
  • Clear span, column-free interior for uninterrupted workspace
  • Low maintenance, damage-resistant
  • Energy efficient fabric design
  • Sheds snow and rain; stable during seismic activity and high winds resistant
  • Meets local building code requirements
  • Fast installation, easy relocation
  • Customizable for almost any use, easily modified when needed
  • Frame is bolted (not hinged) for superior strength and rigidity in wind
  • Fabric is tensioned horizontally and vertically between each arch of the structure creating a drum tight, wind resistant finish; no flapping or wind-related noise or distractions.

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