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The mining industry is one that plays a significant role in the U.S. economy. Both large and small companies are faced with similar challenges that threaten the success of a mining operation. A mining fabric enclosure can help offset some of the concerns that confront this industry on a regular basis.

Mining fabric enclosure

The pressure to be efficient and productive is at an all-time high and margins leave little room for error. A Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS) can help increase efficiencies overall in mining operations and lead to higher productivity of workers. At the same time, it will create a safer and healthier work environment for all those on site.

Increase Productivity with a Mining Fabric Enclosure

Productivity is one of the biggest challenges that the mining industry faces. In order to remain profitable, many mining sites are required to operate around the clock. Therefore, there can be no unexpected delays in workflow.

A mining fabric enclosure can provide proper lighting and climate control to be able to work through the night comfortably The sturdy aluminum frame is able to accommodate available options like exhaust fans, louvres, and skylights.

Being able to continue operations at the same pace during the night hours will encourage higher productivity from the mine site as a whole. Our metal halide lighting package option can provide adequate lighting during night hours.

Remote Locations

With many of the easily accessible mines already empty, mining companies must often work in difficult or remote regions. Many of these areas with higher-grade ores are difficult to access due to rough terrain or altitude. In addition, weather conditions in these locations are often less than optimal for workers. A mining fabric enclosure will protect both workers and valuable equipment from the harsh elements.

Allsite’s fabric enclosures are strong enough to endure the weather in even the most remote locations. The rugged frame and tensioned fabric can withstand high winds and heavy snow loads, contributing to a safer work site.

If the ground is uneven or rocky, as to be expected in more remote locations, a mining fabric structure can generally still be constructed as level ground or a foundation is usually not necessary.

In addition, if the location of the mining work shifts, our mining fabric enclosures can be dismantled and reconstructed with little downtime to interrupt operations. Relocating within the same area can often be achieved with a crane or available wheel accessories.

Health of Miners

Mine work is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world and minimizing the risk to miners is critical to the job site’s success. Exposure to gases and chemicals on the mining site can cause a variety of serious health problems. The ability to provide a proper ventilation system within the mining fabric enclosure can help decrease employee exposure to these harmful pollutants.

Another issue is the loud noise generated by the heavy equipment, creating a detriment to miners’ health. Some miners suffer hearing loss due to the loud noise level. The fabric and optional insulation on a mining enclosure can often help to deflect and soften some of the loud noise on site.

Many miners also suffer from physical and emotional stress from such a dangerous job so providing an optimal work environment is crucial to the overall health of the workers and success of the operation. Any slight mistake can cause a major disaster on a mining site. Giving workers the safest and securest work environment is critical to the overall success of the project.

Provide Protection

While protecting workers is important, protecting expensive assets is as well. A mining fabric enclosure will keep equipment, tools, ore, and minerals out of the elements so there is no damage or loss of income. These structures are also large enough for storage purposes so all necessary items can be conveniently located in one enclosed area.

Our fabric enclosures are durable enough to often last the entire life of the project with little or no maintenance. It is an essential investment to provide the best possible work site scenario and be able to maximize the productivity and profitability of a mine site.

At Allsite Structure Rentals, we understand the challenges the mining industry faces. Our team of design experts are ready to provide you with a mining fabric enclosure that will meet all the needs of your site. You can call us at 888.599.5112 or visit our website here to learn more about all of our services.

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