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MJBizCon Marijuana Industry Conference Returns to Las Vegas

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The annual Marijuana Business Conference is returning to Las Vegas November 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, with a day of pre-conference workshops on the 14th.This is the world’s oldest and largest marijuana business conference, showcasing and supporting this rapidly growing but complex industry. As cannabis is still in many ways a unique business model, the MJBizCon is a great place to catch up on industry trends and get the latest on changing laws and regulations. And it’s a perfect opportunity to network and exchange ideas and information with other industry professionals. As a Las Vegas-based vendor of grow structures to the cannabis industry, we are excited to see this vibrant and important convention return to our home town once again to continue to enlighten and advance this dynamic industry.

New to the Cannabis Industry?

If this is your first year at MJBizCon or you’re new to the business, there will be a “Marijuana Business Crash Course” at the pre-conference on November 14th. This full day seminar might also be of interest to conference and industry veterans as the agenda includes a comprehensive summary of industry developments over the last year.

Allsite Tension Fabric Structures Help Cannabis Growers Thrive

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Finding appropriate grow space can be a challenge to both new and established marijuana growers. In a fast changing and competitive industry, speed, flexibility and affordability are important factors for a successful operation. Allsite provides quality cannabis grow structures for growers looking for productive, affordable space that is also flexible enough to adjust to changing needs. Usually available within weeks of order, these spacious, clear span enclosed fabric buildings are built with sturdy aluminum alloy frames and durable PVC fabric to provide reliable, rust and corrosion-free, weather-resistant grow space. Available for long or short-term use, these buildings easily accommodate irrigation and lighting systems. They can be ventilated and climatized for ideal temperature, and tightly enclosed to help minimize pests, keep odors in, and keep your operations away from public view. For more information on quality fabric grow structures, give Allsite a call at 888-599-5112 or request a free quote. Or, if you’d like to meet up at the convention, contact Kate Hall via email at


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