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Rapid growth and new markets, ideas, techniques, and technologies are propelling the field of aircraft maintenance past traditional boundaries. This dynamic environment heralds a need for more organized, versatile, and responsive MRO hangar systems. One answer to the need for fast, versatile and reliable extra MRO workspace is the clear span fabric aircraft hangar. Made from highly durable aluminum and PVC fabric, and equipped with all the amenities you’ll need for a fully functional aircraft hangar, Allsite’s tension fabric structures are crafted to meet MRO workspace and aircraft, supplies or equipment storage needs, wherever and whenever they occur.

Strong and Durable Tension Fabric Hangars Serve Aviation Industry

With rapid growth in the industry, the ability to expand local facility capacity and rapidly adjust to meet changing local factors is a big advantage to firms competing in the MRO sector. Tension fabric structures (TFS) are relied upon across the aviation industry in use as remote aircraft hangars and extra capacity structures for a variety of aviation activities. Their strength, durability and versatility make them the solution of choice for short or long-term use as aviation hangars, maintenance facilities and storage depots. Tension fabric structures provide the MRO industry with needed workspace, in temporary or permanent locations where traditional buildings are not available, are impractical or are cost-ineffective.  These large, clear span structures provide ample space for aircraft, personnel and equipment. Quickly installed, they are fully functional buildings, and can be customized to best meet the needs of the activities to be carried out inside them.

AOG or MRO aircraft hangar operations with a royal aircraft jet in for maintenance or repair

Allsite TFS use high-grade T6061 aluminum frames that are lighter and stronger than steel. The material is sturdy enough to support all types of MRO equipment including lighting, fire suppression systems, fall system safeguards and more, helping you build out and optimize your operating space. And unlike steel, aluminum frames are not subject to rust and corrosion. Lightweight and designed for easy assembly, they are easy to transport and install, making the system relocatable and quickly available, usually in a matter of days after delivery.

The aluminum frame is covered with tensioned heavy-duty architectural grade18-24 oz PVC-coated polyester fabric. Vertically and horizontally tensioned, this industrial-grade fabric provides a precise fit and gapless seal along the frame and reinforced the building with added strength, making it highly weather-resistant and stable. The TFS makes use of heavier 24 oz. fabric to minimize the need for maintenance due to wear, saving you money and providing you with peace of mind.

All-Weather MRO Aircraft Hangar for any Climate or Location

As aviation expands globally, MRO opportunities are rapidly emerging around the world in developing areas where infrastructure may not yet be fully built out, and in more remote locations which may have distinct and impactful weather and climate patterns. Whether rain, snow, extreme heat or cold, our tensioned fabric hangars are designed to fully protect your operation in any climate or weather event. The highly durable and sturdy TFS can withstand temperatures from -22 degrees to 160 degrees F. These structures are carefully engineered to prevent snow buildup and stand firm amidst heavy winds. We also offer additional insulation, as well as heating and cooling options that boost the energy efficiency of your MRO hangar.

Permanent or Temporary Building Solutions for MRO Hangar Operations

Today’s MRO operations demand an aircraft hangar akin to a full-service pit stop. TFS hangars can accommodate multiple workstations, storage rooms, and locker rooms complete with showers and restrooms. Each area can be allocated to a module and separated by convenient personnel doors.  With the ability to customize layouts to personnel and equipment needs, the TFS helps MRO’s achieve more efficiency and faster aircraft turnaround times, vital to success in an industry based on meeting tight deadlines in a complex timetable of interconnected activities.

Aviation Hangar temporary

Allsite’s clear span MRO hangars can be constructed to a height of 54′ and a width of 156′, large enough to accommodate a wide variety of aircraft. Available clamshell door design makes it easy to maneuver aircraft into and out of the hangar.

Lighting and Ventilation

The TFS offer a variety of lighting options, including UV-filtering translucent polyester and skylight fabric. The semitransparent panel can be installed using translucent material for the whole panel or using it just at the peak, creating a skylight effect. For round-the-clock work, MRO hangars sturdy aluminum structure supports LED high bay warehouse lighting and other lighting options to optimize the work environment for delicate MRO operations.

From exhaust fans to HVAC systems to louver systems and more, the TFS aircraft hangar can be outfitted with options that maintain a safe and comfortable interior environment.

Portability and Versatility

As your needs change, a TFS can be delivered and installed in a fraction of time needed for traditional construction.  And, when it is no longer needed at that location, the structure can be removed, and either sold or taken off rent. This dynamic quality and flexibility helps you tackle unexpected project demands while minimizing operating costs. And despite its lightweight design, your tension fabric aircraft hangar packs the sturdiness to function as a permanent work site wherever it’s needed.

How Allsite Aircraft Hangar Fulfills Your MRO Needs

  •        Expansive height and width
  •        Clamshell doors
  •        Modular design to accommodate multiple functions
  •        Fully climatized
  •        Choices in lighting
  •        High quality ventilation
  •        Fast delivery and installation
  •        All-weather structures can handle high wind, ice and heavy snow
  •        Corrosion, flame, UV and chemical damage-resistant
  •        Relocatable and highly durable, for short and long term use
  •        Affordable lease and purchase options

Allsite’s team of experienced technicians is ready to help find and implement effective solutions to all your aircraft hangar needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our MRO hangar deals and our other specialized aviation services.

Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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