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Tension Fabric Structure in use a at mining operation location


Mining a Significant Industry in Allsite Structure Rental’s Home State of Nevada

The mining industry in Nevada is second only to the hospitality industry in the state. It has long been a mainstay of Nevada’s economy. Mineral mining in Nevada is varied and broadly spread over much of the state, contributing over $7 billion dollars in valuable minerals to the US and the world economy for use in manufacturing, construction, technology, medicine and other sectors.

For minerals and mining projects, Nevada stands out among the states. As a matter of fact, Nevada is the number one nonfuel mineral producing state in the country, with neighboring Arizona next in line. Nevada’s mines extract more than 20 minerals that play a key role in items we use in our daily lives, including gold, silver, lithium and cobalt. The state is the third largest gold producer, after South Africa and Australia. With 119 mines spread throughout most of Nevada’s counties, the industry provides about 15 thousand jobs, but its overall impact is responsible for over 40,000 jobs statewide.

Concerns and Infrastructure Needs of the Nevada Mining Industry

Deep mine drilling equipment excavating gold ore from roc

Nevada has both underground and open pit mines. Most of the work is in existing mines, as building a new mine today would be very costly. The state and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) oversee permitting, inspections, bonding and other regulations on the mines. The EPA and the state of Nevada monitor and enforce environmental regulations that address the mining industry, to keep groundwater safe, for example. Environmental damage and waste water contamination are two major concerns, and watchdog groups maintain close watch on the industry’s activities. As Nevada’s active mines are largely established ones, most new mining takes place by digging deeper or expanding the size of existing mines. The lack of new mine construction helps to contain the impact of mining on the Nevada landscape and keeps costs down for mining companies since opening new mines is an expensive investment, sometimes billions of dollars.

Providing Supplies and Shelter for On Site Mining Operations

Mining trucks extracting minerals on surface mine in Nevada

Providing remote Nevada mines with infrastructure and supplies needed to function efficiently is a challenge. With the bulk of its population in the Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe areas, the rest of Nevada is mostly a rural, empty state with harsh landscapes, little water, and extreme weather conditions. Getting water to remote mining sites through pipes, or making sure wireless communications are functional, including while underground, are two of the logistics challenges that mining companies must work together with the state government to solve. One of the challenges in the largely rural areas where these mines are located, is getting people, supplies and equipment to the site, and having a reliable, comfortable place to store and shelter them. 

At the mining site, having reliable, long term permanent or semi-permanent structures helps increase operational efficiency. Onsite buildings provide indoor workspace for a range of activities, from personnel rest areas to equipment maintenance facilities to supplies storage. Mines are in operation for decades and need durable and reliable structures. Nevada’s extreme climate means that it’s important to have climate controlled facilities that cope with both the burning summer sun and extreme heat, and the freezing or snowy winter nights. Allsite tension fabric structures are designed to meet the needs of the sometimes harsh conditions and numerous needs of the mining industry.

Allsite Mining Buildings Needs Met with Allsite Tension Fabric Structures

Allsite mining fabric structure under construction showing aluminum frame at mining site

Allsite Structure Rentals in Las Vegas is a perfect partner for mining companies like those in Nevada. Our TFS series clear span tension fabric buildings are designed to provide the versatility needed in often challenging and remote conditions common to mining sites. Our structures are modular and build with a high-strength but lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to transport over rural roads and fast to assemble and put into service.

Our TFS structures made to withstand rugged conditions and deliver comfortable indoor space for just about any use. These highly engineered, durable and stable structures withstand the heat and cold of the Nevada high elevation desert climate. The heavy duty PVC fabric covering reflects UV radiation and maintains a cooler interior. Tensioned tightly over the curved structure, the fabric easily sheds snow and rainfall. The aluminum alloy frame is rust and corrosion-free. The structures are virtually maintenance free. The TFS is fully climatizable for use as shelter and workspace for personnel in all weather conditions, and can be outfitted with overhead lighting for virtual 24/7 accessibility. With a high clearance ceiling and open span floor space, it can hold large equipment, including machinery and vehicles, for use as a maintenance garage.

To meet the exact needs at the mining site, the structure can be outfitted with a choice of doors, such as fabric freight doors, personnel doors and rollup cargo doors, or be open ended depending on needs. With a variety of anchoring options available, the structure can be installed anywhere, including hard or wet surfaces, or on rocky or uneven ground. Structures are energy efficient and wind-resistant. Available for temporary or long-term use, Allsite tension fabric structures are relocatable with crane lift or transport when needed at another location. 

For more information on the Allsite tension fabric structure for mining operations, contact Allsite today at 888-599-5112.

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