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Tension Fabric Buildings for Oil and Gas Operation Sites

oil and gas mining fabric building remote location near mountain range

Tension Fabric Buildings are used worldwide to meet the onsite structure needs of oil and gas drilling operators. Large enough to house vehicles, personnel and even drilling equipment, the Tension Fabric Structure is ruggedly designed to function on rough terrain and in extreme climates. Open span with no interior posts or pillars, and with standard interior ceiling heights up to 54 ft., and the option for more height through leg extensions or mounting on top of shipping containers. These spacious, high capacity structures offer ample indoor operating space while protecting people and equipment inside from wind, rain, snow or dust.

High Strength and Stability Aluminum Framed Fabric Building

Highly engineered extruded aluminum frame and heavyweight specially formulated PVC fabric cover create a drum tight, stable and sturdy building that holds up in virtually any conditions. Modular construction means it goes up fast and comes down fast. Durable building that can be installed long or short term, and can be relocated site to site as needed.

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Relocatable Structures For Energy Production Operations on the Move

relocatable oil and gas site fabric structures

As drilling operations grow, change and move to new sites, the TFS is easily relocatable. The structure can be repositioned with a crane lift, or disassembled and relocated to another site entirely, even another country. Lightweight, sturdy, durable and reliable, these structures offer the ultimate versatility for use in remote oil and gas fields.TFS is designed to fit in standard shipping containers and is cost effective to ship due to its aluminum frame.

High Strength, High Stability Tension Fabric Buildings are ideally suited to the worldwide Oil and Gas Industry. Use anywhere to protect operations, equipment, personnel and supplies.


Multi-Use Temporary Structures for Oil and Gas Field Operations

The TFS is both versatile and durable, requiring little maintenance. The structure accommodates electrical and environmental control systems, including HVAC, and can be equipped with overhead lighting and truss systems for overhead equipment. Built for use on any terrain and in any climate, serving a range of crucial functions such as:

  • Drilling or Pump Station Enclosure
  • Frac Sand Storage
  • Equipment and Vehicle Storage
  • Airplane/Helicopter Hangar
  • Personnel Housing
  • Dining or Kitchen Facility
  • Medical Facilities
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Data and Operations Center


Interior view of aluminum frame tension fabric structure

Versatile and Customizable Oil and Gas Operations Fabric Buildings

The TFS comes in a choice of sizes and is fully customizable to meet your project and use needs. The structure’s accessories and options can be updated as needs change, including changing the size of the modular structure to add or reduce space.

Your Allsite TFS project includes quick availability and delivery, with ongoing project support for your customized, ready-to-use structure. Available for long or short-term use, the TFS is installed when and where you need it at a lower cost than traditional buildings.


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Accessories and Options

Doors:    Steel Overhead Door | Fabric Cargo Door | Clamshell Door | Personnel Doors

Ventilation:   Exhaust Fans | Louvers | Framed Openings

Anchorage:  Concrete Anchors | Block Mount | Stakes | Ballast systems

Lighting:    Metal Halide Lights | LED | Translucent Panel | Skylight Fabric

Installation:  Crane lift package | Wheel system | Container Mount