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The oil and gas industry continues to be one of the most dynamic in the world. The worldwide projected demand for oil is estimated to be over 90 million barrels per day. This is a large-scale endeavor that if not done properly can be costly. An oil and gas temporary structure can provide a multitude of benefits for the industry.

Work delays can have a profound negative impact on the bottom line. Being able to complete work properly and on time is critical in this industry. An oil and gas temporary structure can help projects continue at a consistent pace in order to meet deadlines.

Size of an Oil and Gas Temporary Structure

The large equipment used in the oil and gas industry can fit easily under a clear span oil and gas temporary structure. Therefore, these structures can fit over drilling equipment to allow work to continue no matter what the weather conditions. In addition, machines and equipment can also be easily stored and maintained in these structures.

oil and gas temporary structure

With peak heights of up to 54’, an oil and gas temporary structure has generous vertical space. If additional height is needed, we have custom solutions.

The clear span design allows for unobstructed sight lines within the structure for improved visibility. The available translucent fabric enables natural sunlight to filter through for a well-lit working environment.


The ability to relocate an oil and gas temporary structure makes it the ideal work solution for this industry. While durable enough to withstand the harshest environments, the structures provide temporary solutions to best fit your site’s needs. That allows for maximum flexibility in your workflow.

Extracting oil is a multi-step process that may involve several locations. If drilling or constructing sites change, a Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS) is able to be easily and quickly relocated via crane or available wheels.

Fewer Delays for Smooth Operations

One of the biggest challenges in this industry is the need for speed and responsiveness. It has become increasingly important to be able to stick to deadlines. An oil and gas temporary structure will allow important deadlines to be met as it can be constructed over drilling, constructing, and manufacturing sites .

oil and gas temporary structure

Oil refineries often run into delays due to the extreme temperatures in which their employees are working. With the ability to control the climate of an oil and gas temporary structure, workers can perform their tasks efficiently and effectively. Due to the large size of the enclosure, multiple workstations can be constructed so different teams can work simultaneously.

The best way to retain customers is to produce a product quickly and cost effectively. Therefore, operational efficiency is the best way to increase company growth and reduce delays. A temporary structure enables operations to run smoothly.

Storage for Tools, Equipment, and Supplies

One of the most convenient aspects of a TFS for the oil and gas industry is the ability to store all of your tools, equipment, machinery and supplies in one place. This allows for efficient work as all items can be easily organized. There is no time lost searching for the tools of the trade.

With humidity and heat controlled within the oil and gas temporary structure, the optimal work environment can be created for employees, in addition to protecting equipment. The enclosure can also be used to protect your pump while extracting oil, reducing the chance for damage or breakage.

Cutting Costs and Staying on Budget

Certain projects in the oil and gas industry, such as drilling an oil well, is a massive project that requires several teams of workers. It is also a very serious and costly job. Many oil and gas projects take place in areas where adverse weather conditions can occur. Not one day of work should be lost due to weather conditions.

An oil and gas temporary structure will help keep workers and equipment out of the elements so work can continue without any impact to the bottom line.

At Allsite Structures, we understand the need to be responsive in this industry and have a large selection of oil and gas temporary structures ready to ship. We have accessories and packages designed specifically for the oil and gas business. For more information click here or call us at 888.599.5112.

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