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With urban land more valuable than ever and a growing interest in environmental health, cities across the country are focusing more closely on brownfield remediation and work continues on EPA Superfund sites. These former industrial and commercial sites can be reclaimed and repurposed for productive use such as urban redevelopment projects. Engineers tasked with carrying out the cleanup in sometimes cramped and busy corners of the city, are looking for ways to quickly and cost effectively cover and protect the contaminated site so that the work can be carried out safely and efficiently, with least disruption to the surrounding busy and dense urban environment.

Open Span Tension Fabric Buildings Provide Cover for Brownfield Sites

Remediation site fabric structures

Open span fabric buildings by Allsite do just that. They are designed and configured to meet the operational needs of remediation project engineers, protecting the brownfield project worksite and isolating it from the surrounding community.

Fast and Effective Remediation Enclosure Solution

Allsite’s high quality open span tension fabric structures (TFS) are easy to transport, set up and customize to fit your project needs. When you order a TFS for your brownfield remediation project, Allsite can usually have it onsite within a few weeks of the order. This highly-engineered structure is designed with components that are easy to transport.  They can be erected and ready to use quickly. Once in place, the tension fabric structure’s strength and resiliency provide a reliable and spacious workspace, configured with entryways, lighting, ventilation and other systems that fit your needs.

Allsite’s tension fabric remediation site structures feature durable heavy weight PVC fabric and a highly engineered extruded aluminum frame that resist contamination and corrosion and stand up to inclement weather. The spacious interior facilitates a large workforce as well as your heavy machinery and equipment, and provides reliable cover to prevent contamination of surrounding areas. When the project is complete, the structure can be cleaned, deconstructed, and relocated, making these portable structures a better choice than traditional building structures.


Protection Against Contamination

During brownfield remediation, pollutants and toxins escape from the soil, and, left unchecked, can affect the health and safety of the surrounding community. Allsite’s tension fabric structures are designed to help contain these hazards, helping you stay compliant with federal, state, and local laws as well as minimizing complaints from neighboring businesses and residents. Our structures also protect your team from these hazards. Our well-sealed structures optimize the effectiveness of air filtration systems, keeping the work environment safe for cleanup crews.

Lightweight Durability

Constructed with high grade aluminum, our tension fabric structure frames are lighter and more durable than steel. The frames are strong enough to support a variety of lighting systems, duct work and more. The fabric covering is made of heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester that protects your worksite from wind, rain and hail, sheds snow and resists mold, mildew and many other contaminants and chemicals.

Brownfield remediation projects require the use of heavy-duty excavation, pumping, and dredging equipment. Allsite’s open-span TFS remediation enclosures provide ample clearance to house your equipment. The building’s exceptional strength is provided by the tension created in stretching the fabric over the strong aluminum frame. This means there are no intrusive interior poles or structures to interfere with your activities, delivering a generous open interior space to accommodate the project activity. These spacious structures come in a number of different sizes and configurations to meet the requirements of your project site.

open span structure with ducting for use in environmental remediation greenfield project

Brownfield remediation sites come in all shapes and sizes, from former landfills to brickyards to abandoned coal mines and other perilous settings. The lightweight design of our tension fabric structures allows for placement atop uneven surfaces without the need for a foundation. Once set up, your remediation enclosure can be modified and divided into sections and rooms as needed to accommodate operations.

Allsite Open Span Structures Meet Brownfield Remediation Enclosure Needs

Allsite open span tension fabric structures are used for all types of remediation projects, including brownfield reclamation and remediation jobs, with qualities that meet the project needs:

  •        Confines noise, odor and dust and helps keeps project out of public eye. The structure effectively contains the excavation area away from the public to avoid falls and injuries.
  •        Portability: Buildings can be crane lifted, wheeled or dragged into position so that one structure can cover multiple locations on the site once one area is decontaminated.
  •        Trusted protection from high winds, heavy snow and rain, and extreme heat or cold
  •        Easy placement over both even and uneven surfaces without the need for a foundation
  •        Quick and easy construction, deconstruction, and relocation to keep operations moving
  •        Accommodate extras such as custom entryways, lighting systems, air filtration systems, exhaust fans and louver, crane lift systems, skid systems, duct work, and other fixtures
  •        Fast, affordable, portable, the perfect temporary project structure for brownfield projects. The TFS can be easily moved and reused at new project sites.
  •        Available new or used, for sale, rental or lease.

Allsite’s team of experienced technicians can provide you a plan for your brownfield remediation project structure needs. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how our tension fabric structure solutions can help you.


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