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Moving Your Portable Fabric Structure

Crane lifting a Temporary Fabric Structure in Hoboken

The Versatility of Tension Fabric Structures

Our tension fabric buildings provide enormous flexibility, making them a good choice for flexible storage solutions across a wide range of applications. In addition to the choice of lengths and widths, and options for openings, lighting, ventilation, and more, one other need that arises with some of our clients is the ability to relocate the structure one or more times. Whether it’s being used on a corporate campus for extra manufacturing capacity or providing a safe enclosure at a wet and rocky environmental remediation site, the need may arise to relocate the building to a new location.

There are other reasons the structure may need to be moved. For some projects, for example, where the worksite has a pre-existing structure, such as a building or equipment, being able to assemble and then roll a tension fabric building over the preexisting structure is a huge timesaver.

Topics we will cover:

Methods of Relocating Tension Fabric Buildings

Allsite makes moving these portable fabric buildings fast and simple, helping our clients keep their projects on track. The two most common ways we may relocate the Allsite tension fabric structures are with a crane lift or a wheel system.

Crane Lift

Crane lifting portable fabric shelter used in Clean Harbors Remediation Project

In many cases, such as with environmental remediation, project work progresses in increments, from one pre-designated field to the next. As one section of ground is finished, a new section is scheduled to be started. In this case, the Allsite portable fabric building can be relocated from the completed worksite and moved to the new one using a crane lift.

A telescopic crane lift is the simplest and fastest way to lift and transport Allsite’s light, aluminum-framed portable fabric building to its new location. It is very useful where the structure needs to be repositioned at a different angle, as the crane allows the structure to be moved in any direction. An Allsite crew comes in to detach any anchoring system and set it up at the new location as needed. Then, the tension fabric structure is hooked at various balanced points along the frame to the telescopic crane. If the tension fabric structure length is long, the team will first separate the building into modular sections for transport. Each section is then hooked to the crane and moved to the new location. The sections will then be reattached, and the structure re-anchored to the ground

The crane lift relocation process can usually be completed within a day, allowing movement of the portable fabric buildings, and the client’s project work to recommence quickly, leaving the original site ready for any follow-up work or to be put to another use.

Wheel System

Wheel system for rolling a portable fabric structure

The wheel system moves the portable fabric building along the ground. It is a more robust structure that is a permanent part of the structure installation. It is most often used with construction projects and is particularly useful to provide temporary shelter in the winter months or rainy season. With the tension fabric structure in place, the project site, materials, tools, and personnel are protected from the weather. Construction work can continue, even in rain and snow.

The wheel structure, designed for the efficient installation of portable fabric buildings, works like a train on a track. The tracks and wheels are placed at the bottom of the structure’s frame, and then the elevated portions of the Allsite tension fabric structure are raised into place. During installation, the Allsite crew will build the first bay, then push it back along the track. Then they complete the next bay and push it into place, and so on. This makes the installation process more efficient and requires less space for the installation.

While it can be left in place for the entire project, for taller structures, builders can complete the portable fabric building foundation and one or sometimes two stories with the protection of the tension fabric structure in place. With multi-story buildings, the structure can then simply be rolled away so work can continue on upper stories.

Allsite Structures Delivers Your Portable Fabric Building Solution Wherever You Need It

Wheel system being used to shelter a construction site with a tension fabric structure.Allsite offers tough, spacious, and easily relocatable tension fabric buildings for a wide range of applications. Available to rent short or long term, these temporary fabric shelters provide building solutions in aviation, manufacturing, public utilities, and other applications. They shelter job sites in construction, mining, and environmental remediation. They are used as facilities for sports, schools, churches, homeless shelters, and other purposes. With a range of sizes and options available, the Allsite portable fabric buildings can be configured to efficiently and effectively meet your project needs. And relocating them is a breeze, saving your project time and money.

Allsite’s tension fabric structures bring fast, flexible solutions to a wide range of project challenges. How can a relocatable structure solve a problem you previously thought was unsolvable for your application? Ready to explore the versatility of portable fabric buildings for your project? Talk to an expert Allsite today at 1-702-699-9195 for personalized solutions and a free consultation.

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