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The popularity of portable livestock shelters is on the rise with farmers and ranchers because of their numerous advantages. The structures are suitable for a wide variety of animals; including cattle, horses, dogs, pigs, goats, chickens, or rabbits.

Keeping livestock healthy and safe in all seasons can pose quite a challenge for farmers and animal breeders. The animals must be constantly monitored to make sure they are not too hot, cold, or wet and their food and water supply must be closely inspected as well. All types of animals need special care in the colder and warmer months to ensure optimal health.

Convenience with Portable Livestock Shelters

Thanks to the ability to custom design portable livestock shelters, ranch managers can include areas for storage of feed and animal necessities. The modular design and door options make it easy to keep everything in one area and enable animals to come and go so they are still able to be outdoors and exercise or roam.

Ease of Use

Traditional barns made of wood and fixed to the ground are at risk for termite invasion. With Allsite’s Tension Fabric Structures (TFS) termites are not a concern. Our sturdy T6061 aluminum frames mean no wood for termites to overrun.

Because portable livestock shelters can be easily relocated, the farmer or breeder has the flexibility of putting the structure in a location that is easily accessible for him and the animals’ current living areas. If that area changes, the structure can be moved by crane or available wheels and placed elsewhere quickly and without difficulty.

The size of the portable livestock shelter is adaptable, based on the livestock manager’s needs. It can house large animals, small animals, or a mixture of the two. Since the area within the shelter can be sectioned, there is no concern about having a combination of animals within the same shelter.

Animal Health and Safety in the Winter and Summer

One of the biggest concerns for livestock managers is if an animal gets wet in the winter. This can lead to illness or death. Animal blankets work well, until they get wet, and then need to be removed from the animal promptly.

Summer heat also wreaks havoc for animals left outdoors in the harsh sunlight. Heat stress is a known problem with cattle and other livestock. This stress can be avoided with portable livestock shelters and proper ventilation.

A portable livestock shelter is made to withstand summer and winter’s harshest conditions. The enclosures help keep animals at the proper temperature and sheltered from precipitation. This is especially important for older and expectant animals. Pregnant animals that are not properly cared for and well fed are more likely to produce sick or weak offspring.

A portable livestock shelter will also cut down on the adverse effects of mud. Because animals will not be spending as much time congregating outside in the mud, the threat of foot and hoof diseases as well as exposure to parasites will be minimized.

Mud makes foot and hoof diseases such as foot rot and thrush more likely and it causes animals to be perpetually chilled.

Source: Oregon State University

The clear span design of this enclosure can be made to fit the needs of the livestock, with removable sections, to allow for animal independence of using the enclosure when needed.

Food and Water Needs

As seasons change so do the food and water needs of an animal. Daily water requirements vary per animal, but it is important that animals have a fresh and non-frozen supply of water in the winter.

portable livestock shelters

In the summer when temperatures soar, water that is too warm will decrease the animal’s intake. Being able to provide access to fresh, clean water will help keep animals cool and hydrated.

Livestock managers must monitor the water availability for the animals closely. Ensuring adequate water consumption will encourage optimal health of the animals.

As temperatures reach extremes in summer and winter months, animals’ food requirements also change. A portable livestock shelter will help ensure proper management of nutrient consumption by the animals.

Allsite’s portable livestock shelters will help keep animals safe and at optimal health all year round. To learn more about our structures, click here or call us at 888.599.5112.

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