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Fabric building manufacturer installed large construction site structure

Allsite Structure Rentals prides itself on being a top-rated fabric building manufacturer. Allsite tension fabric structures (TFS) are among the most durable and reliable temporary or permanent fabric structures available. These highly engineered buildings have the structural integrity of traditional buildings. How do they achieve these high standards and deliver reliable service in so many different environments?

Allsite Structures Reflect Best Fabric Building Manufacturer Standards

There are a number of factors carefully engineered into our buildings that make Allsite a top fabric building manufacturer:

  • Clear span, spacious and versatile – the Allsite TFS is free of interior columns or posts, leaving the interior completely available for use, including for uses as varied as the movement of large equipment or aircraft, to shelter a construction or remediation site, or as a sports venue.
  • Aluminum alloy frame – the TFS uses an engineered aluminum frame that offers superior versatility and durability, among its other advantages over steel. Aluminum is lightweight for easy transport and malleable, so it can be curved and molded for more effective and efficient structures. It is rust and corrosion free, lasts indefinitely and is fully recyclable.
fabric building with clamshell doors for aviation application
  • Heavy duty PVC fabric cover – The Allsite PVC vinyl fabric cover is resistant to flame, mold and UV radiation. It survives most common chemical spills or other common stressors. Tensioned and reinforced across the structure’s high-strength frame, it holds up to wind, hot sun and heavy precipitation.
  • High performance engineered design and tensile strength – The strength of the Allsite fabric building originates in the highly engineered curved extruded aluminum frame design. The tensioning of the PVC fabric cover over the frame further strengthens the structure, rendering the exterior walls fixed and rigid, similar to the strength of a traditional structure. The structure’s high strength and aerodynamic design increases wind resistance and allows it to efficiently shed snow and rainwater.
  • Modular structure – The structure is designed with interchangeable modular parts which make it easy to customize the size of the structure as well as incorporate accessories such as doors and ventilation. The modular design also allows for faster delivery and assembly. It’s easy to shorten or lengthen the structure, add or remove doors or make other changes as the user’s needs change.
  • Customize anchoring solutions – With a range of anchoring solutions, the TFS provides reliable fabric building installation solutions for just about any project anywhere, including soft or wet ground, rocky or uneven surfaces, frozen or hard desert soils, as well as asphalt and turf. No building foundation is needed to install the TFS.

Allsite Tension Fabric Buildings are High Quality

The advanced design and quality materials used in the manufacture of Allsite fabric buildings assure that it provides the best quality fabric building experience, no matter how or where it is put to use. Some of the quality factors found in every Allsite tension fabric building include:

  • Weather resistant – the structure is designed to endure extreme heat and cold as well as wind, rain or snow conditions. It can be used in extreme climates and equipped with HVAC to keep the interior comfortable for personnel and equipment.
  • Durable – the structure needs little to no maintenance. The PVC fabric provides up to 20-30 years of service and the aluminum frame will last indefinitely.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly – white fabric means less energy is used in interior lighting; the PVC fabric is UV resistant and repels solar radiation to keep the interior cooler; the structure is durable and can remain in service for decades, it is reusable and can be reconfigured, redeployed and reused, and the long-life aluminum frame is fully recyclable with a high resale value.
  • Versatile – the TFS can be customized to meet the user’s space needs. It can be customized for special applications, such as clamshell aviation doors, and used virtually anywhere, including remote locations. Our range of applications includes industries such as environmental remediation, aviation, construction, mining, large scale greenhouse, sports venues, conventions and more.
fabric building being lifted and relocated by crane lift at an industrial site in New Jersey
  • Relocatable – with their lightweight and sturdy design, structures can be easily crane-lifted and re-positioned around a site, or they can be disassembled and moved to a new site quickly and easily.
  • Cost Effective – these structures can be leased and returned when no longer needed. The user saves the upfront capital investment of building a traditional structure. In addition, the structures are low maintenance so there is little cost of upkeep and repair.
  • Available fast – once the order is finalized, a structure can be shipped and installed quickly. Construction can be completed within a few days after delivery, after which the building is ready to begin service.

Allsite’s Origins as Fabric Building Manufacturer

As part of the Alexander Pacific Group of Companies, Allsite is part of one of the world’s most advanced teams of fabric structure designers and fabric building manufacturers. We prioritize quality and service in providing for the fabric structure needs of our clients. To learn more about how Allsite can help you with your temporary or permanent fabric building needs, contact us today at 888-599-5112.

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