Relocatable Temporary Mining Structures

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Movable Mining Structures

Allsite relocatable mining structures create a controlled environment for most any mining or energy operation.

These movable structures provide much-needed cover for operations, as well as shelter for cleaning and maintaining equipment.

The flexible steel frame construction allows for vehicle access and cargo doors (including overhead doors) virtually anywhere along the structure. A height of up to 54’ and clear span design provides freedom of movement with your heavy equipment.

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Relocatable Mining Shelters Hold Up Under Pressure

These tension fabric structures use a PVC-coated polyester fabric that is tensioned both vertically and horizontally. This tautness allows for a tight seal around the T6061 aluminum frame.

This aluminum frame is stronger per ounce than steel beams, but without the rust and corrosion associated with steel. Structure fabrics let in light while blocking UV rays, making it ideal for hot locations. Our unique clear span designs are built to slough off snow and withstand high winds, perfect for any climate.

Other Advantages to Movable Mining Structures

  • Tension Fabric Structures (TFS) structures can protect your site from inclement weather and potential vandalism.
  • UV shielding helps protect crews from sunburn and heat exhaustion.
  • In most cases, structures do not require a foundation or level ground.
  • Need more than 54’ in height? Ask us about cost-effective and custom solutions.
  • Choose a width between 50’ and 156’. Length is limited only by your site space.

Allsite lead technicians can help your team install these structures at roughly 10,000 square feet per day. Turnkey mining canopy solutions are also available.

mining temporary structure

Our lead technicians average 15 years of experience with TFS installation; have seen it all and they can provide solutions for just about any practical problem.

  • Sturdy aluminum frame allows you to hang lights, heating equipment, truss systems, fire suppression systems, and other equipment.
  • Exhaust fans, louvre systems, and/or framed openings provide the ventilation you need.
  • Our temporary fabric structures can also be used as warehouses or fabrication buildings.

Allsite maintains a large inventory of all heights and sizes available for immediate delivery.

We have accessories and packages designed to meet the needs of the mining and energy industries. Experienced sales staff and project managers will help you find the perfect fit for your project. Just fill out the contact form below and tell us what you need!

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