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What does a remediation temporary shelter have to do with making the world a better place?  Plenty.  Here at Allsite, we are proud to be a part of nation-wide cleanup efforts that help make the planet a littler greener.

Our tensioned fabric structures (TFS) are used all over the country, as well as across the globe, in environmental remediation of all types.  You can find our structures in all sorts of scenarios where remediation is taking place.

remediation temporary shelter

Here are just a few ways Allsite is helping our clients make the world a cleaner place to live.

A Remediation Temporary Shelter Helps Contain the Hazards

From reclaimed brownfields to soil cleanup at industrial sites, factories, and manufactured gas plants, the world is slowly becoming a cleaner place, in many respects. All over the country, environmental cleanup sites are busy with activity, and an integral part of that is often a remediation temporary shelter.

One of the ironies of remediation is that in the process of cleaning things up, crews can expose the surrounding neighborhood to dangerous pollutants and toxins.  If you are a remediation specialist, you know the importance of containment throughout the life of your project.

That is where Allsite comes in, by supplying temporary fabric structures that cover and contain hazardous remediation sites.  Stay on top of federal, state and local regulations and keep the neighbors happy and healthy when you place a TFS over your remediation site.

A remediation temporary shelter over a site can make the project go better in other ways, too.

A TFS Boosts Cleanup Efforts by Sheltering Your Site from the Elements

Weather can wreak havoc at a remediation site in several ways.

First, inclement weather can often mean unsafe or uncomfortable conditions for your workers.  That means work comes to a screeching halt, unless you have a way of sheltering the site and your workers.

Second, rain can really make a mess of things when you are involved in soil cleanup.  Excavation turns into a muddy mess, and the resulting runoff means you may be allowing hazardous or polluted soil to migrate to another location.

Again, a remediation temporary shelter can help.  By protecting the work site from rain, you help prevent runoff in case of precipitation.  The same goes for the wind, which can blow exposed soil away from the work site and outside the perimeter of your area.

A Fabric Structure Helps You Stay Compliant

When orders have been given to complete a remediation project by a certain date or risk violating federal, state or local laws, you know you have to do everything within your power to keep things rolling forward.

Remediation sites can present a bevy of problems. Allsite has been providing remediation temporary structures for years now. We understand the industry and the minutiae that comes with it. We work with environmental solutions companies to make sites more efficient and productive. Have a special and unique problem? Don’t hesitate to ask, we more than likely have a solution.

You Can Store Your Heavy Equipment in a TFS, Too

Since many remediation projects begin with excavation, pumping, or dredging, there is almost always heavy equipment involved.  Your remediation temporary shelter houses that equipment, which also benefits from protection from the elements.

Allsite makes fabric structures with a clear span and peak height large enough to accommodate all sorts of commercial vehicles.

We Like to Call Our Allsite TFS “Rapid Deployment Structures”

Our fabric structures are designed to be quickly and efficiently constructed and deconstructed. The Allsite TFS is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, so transportation to your job site is quick, too.

From the day you place your order for a remediation temporary shelter to the moment it is ready for use, the wait time is minimal.  Many clients have a structure ready to work in less than a month from placing their order.

Relocatable Means Your TFS Moves With Your Work

Our TFS are purposely designed to be incredibly relocatable.  They can be picked up with a crane and moved to wherever you need it to be.

Are you interested in how an Allsite remediation temporary shelter can fit into your cleanup project?  Contact us now to get started.


Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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