Sand and Salt Storage Structures

TFS configured for sand and salt storage with lining interior photo

Need a Better Solution for Sand and Salt Storage Sheds?

Tension fabric structures (TFS) are an excellent storage option for sand and salt storage sheds. Highly durable and relocatable, they provide safe, permanent or temporary storage wherever it is needed, any time of year or all year round. Affordable, fast and versatile, they fit any municipal or other government budget and are economical for companies providing sand or salt de-icing application services to icy and snow-covered roads and bridges.

Road Salt Storage Issues Solved

Sand and salt storage sheds are subject to leaky roofs, seepage of water, sand or salt, corrosion, mold and other contaminants that put sand and salt inventories at risk or cause pollution of ground and waterways.

Tension fabric structures are constructed with a high-grade extruded aluminum frame which is rust and corrosion resistant. Architectural PVC coated fabric is firmly tensioned over the strong and stable frame, creating a highly stable, weather-resistant, durable structure for temporary or permanent storage of materials, equipment or supplies. Already firmly sealed against wind and water intrusion, the structure can also be lined inside to create a leak-proof interior environment. Stable and dry, these buildings have large openings for easy access for employees and equipment to access the sand or salt inventories as needed. The building requires little maintenance and does not require a foundation, so it can be located (and relocated) where and when necessary.

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Seasonal or Year Round, Durable All-Weather Fabric Buildings for Reliable Storage of Municipal Road Salt and Sand Inventories and Equipment

Versatile and Cost-Effective Salt and Sand Storage Solutions

  • The TFS provides ample space for storage, available in a variety of sizes (48’-156’ wide) and ceiling heights up to 54’ to accommodate stores and equipment.
  • Structures can be customized to meet site and user requirements, with a variety of anchoring systems, including elevating the building on blocks to prevent moisture penetration or accommodate uneven terrain, and door configurations, including leaving one end of the structure open for easy access.
  • Various lighting, weatherproofing and other options are available.
  • Installation is fast, usually within weeks of order placement, so that your services are up and running quickly when and where they are needed.
  • The fabric structure solution for salt and sand storage shed is a cost-effective, flexible solution. Affordable lease costs mean you do not need an expensive capital investment in a permanent building. Relocatable means the fabric building can be quickly moved and reinstalled in a new location, providing a flexible solution all year round, year after year.
  • High-grade aluminum framed, corrosion resistant and rust-proof, TFS are highly durable and will provide years of service with little maintenance required.

Road salt shed tension fabric structure for storage of salt in the snow

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