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For professional, amateur, and youth sports, finding the right place for activities, from training to practice to game day, can be a challenge. Many communities lack traditional sports facilities, arenas, or space for indoor play. The space, cost, and time to erect such facilities can be prohibitive. A great solution for a spacious, comfortable, and versatile indoor space for many different sports is a fabric sports dome, also known as a tension fabric structure. For teams, organizations, clubs, schools, or local governments, tension fabric sports structures can provide fast, cost-effective, and highly successful spaces for just about any kind of sports activity.

Allsite Tension Fabric Sports Buildings for Langley, BC


Allsite Structures has installed tension fabric sports buildings for organizations all over North America. The Langley Tennis Center in Langley, BC was installed in 2011 and has provided that community with pro-quality indoor tennis courts now for over a decade.

The Langley, British Columbia community needed a tennis facility that would be accessible to the community as well as serve as a center for professional tennis training and events. They needed it to be an affordable solution, quickly available, and easy to operate and maintain. With their cold and snowy climate, they were looking for a year-round, weather-resistant building that would provide a comfortable and inviting play and practice environment for local tennis players, whether beginners or professionals and would also be able to attract tennis players from afar to come to train and participate in tournaments. The Allsite TFS380 proved to be just the solution they needed to meet their tennis community’s needs.

Langley’s Tennis Center is just one of many sports dome facilities that have been supplied by Allsite. Some facilities, like the gym at the Bollettieri Academy in Florida and the Whistler Racket Club tennis facility in Canada have been in service for over 25 years, demonstrating the strength and durability of these highly reliable buildings.

Spacious and Inviting Indoor Sports Structures Provide Room for Play

sports dome

Allsite sports dome tension fabric buildings are designed for space. This means high clearance for an airy, open outdoor feel. It means plenty of open play areas for free movement and activities, including room for multiple fields or courts for team or individual play. Players and spectators alike will find the spacious environment inside the sports dome to be a comfortable and inspiring place for play and competition, no matter the time of day or night, or the seasonal weather outdoors.

The Allsite sports dome is highly stable, reliable, and durable. The aerodynamic structure is built to withstand harsh climates and weather events, so it is perfect where year-round use, no matter the weather, is a priority. Tension fabric structures (TFS) are high strength, low maintenance, and resist rust or corrosion no matter the environment.

The Allsite TFS is Built to Last

Its stability originates with the strength created by the curved, engineered aluminum frame, over which is tensioned industrial-grade PVC fabric. This reinforced design requires no interior posts, so the play area is open throughout for unlimited use. The building can be raised over any surface, including swimming pools, tennis or badminton courts, basketball or volleyball courts, hockey arenas, or existing field hockey, baseball, and football fields. The structures offer ventilation options, including louvers and fans, and are power and HVAC-ready. In addition, the high-strength frame supports overhead structures, such as lighting, speakers, PA systems, and scoreboards.

With a choice of doors, we can install a number of entryways, including player entrances, public entrances, and cargo doors to fit your needs.

With a wide-open interior and variety of widths available, and your desired custom length, the user can build out space in any way that is needed, adding as many courts or play fields as desired, or installing warm-up areas, spectator bleachers, concession stands, first aid enclosures, etc. The interior allows for quick and easy modification as needs change. And, the facility size can be increased or decreased, modifying the length of the structure by adding or removing modular fabric panels.

Our Large Inventory Means Faster Delivery of Your Rental Structure

Allsite Structures has a large rental inventory of tension fabric structures, making configuration and delivery of your sports dome fast and easy. We offer a range of accessories to complete the structure to meet your specific needs, including a selection of door styles, ventilation, and lighting. A variety of anchoring systems are available to best suit your installation site.

For most organizations, obtaining a new facility is a big decision and a significant investment. Finding rental space can be difficult, and available spaces often do not meet the group’s needs, either lacking necessary amenities or space or being in the wrong location. A tension fabric sports dome is yours to define, and it can be installed wherever you have open land, including existing sports fields, parking areas, or open lots. No foundation is required, which saves time and expense, and if the structure is later removed, the land remains in its prior condition.

Cost-Effective and Versatile Sports Domes

tension fabric tennis centerAllsite’s operating lease programs make it convenient, fast, and cost-effective to get your sports dome facility up and running, with no waiting for capital funding, architects or general contractors who need years of work before a traditional brick and mortar building can be built and put into service. The structure’s maintenance costs are minimal, saving even more money over time. The TFS can be resized, reconfigured, moved, or removed when needs change, making it easy for organizations to deal with priority and budget changes.

Organizations’ busy staff will appreciate our professional, experienced project managers and installers who will work with you, and take care of project details from start to finish to see that your facility is installed and in place when and where you need it.

Just let us know your vision for your sports facility and we’ll design a solution that your students, players, staff, and the public will enjoy for years to come. For more information on how an Allsite tension fabric sports dome structure can solve your indoor sports facility needs, contact Allsite today at 888-532-0472.

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