Sports Dome Structures for Athletics and Recreation

sports dome fabric structure indoor basketball stadium

Schools, colleges, professional sports teams and sports associations all face the issue of having sports fields available where and when they’re needed. But a stadium is by its nature constrained by capacity and impacted by events like weather or overbooking when multiple sports events and teams are competing for space. Often there’s a need for extra space for recreational play, practice and competitions.

Allsite fabric sports dome structures deliver a quality, convenient solution to the need to provide safe, comfortable space for a variety of sports activities. Providing large capacity play space as well as room for spectators and equipment, fabric dome structures are a perfect venue for outdoor and indoor sports where shelter is needed.

All Weather Tension Fabric Building Keeps the Game Going

Where a play or practice field may be closed down by winter snows, a fabric dome can provide a comfortable, dry venue for events that otherwise would face cancellation. Allsite Tension Fabric Structures use advanced materials and are engineered to remain strong and dry even in extreme weather. The structure is designed to handle heavy snow load and high winds. The fabric dome structure is configured and installed based on the location, terrain and for its intended use, optimizing the performance of the structure regardless of the site characteristics.

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Advantages of Allsite Fabric Sports Domes

The Allsite tension fabric dome stadium provides year-round highly adaptable indoor space for sports like tennis, football and soccer, as well as swimming, basketball and volleyball. The structure can be installed over an existing playing field without need for a foundation. With interior height superior to similar designed structures, different size fabric structures are available to accommodate the specific need and size of the paved or unpaved ground or playing field to be covered.

  • Spacious, open span interior
  • Sturdy and durable for all-season use
  • Configure to your needs
  • Use anywhere-no foundation required
  • Accommodates play or practice area and spectator seating
  • Frame can support truss system for lighting, equipment, scoreboards, etc.
  • All weather and energy efficient
  • Affordable and quickly available
  • Experienced project engineering and installation support

Add Extra Sports Competition and Training Capacity in Tight Spaces

Sports dome interior space of TFS fabric building housing several tennis courts

Allsite’s fabric sports domes provide extra space for competition and training to teams and institutions that have a shortage of available athletic facilities for use either temporarily or on a longer-term basis. Fabric sports domes can be used for additional capacity or as temporary sports facilities during new stadium construction or renovation to allow for team activities to be carried out without interruption. They can be installed on undeveloped ground such as playing fields or parking lots or located adjacent to existing buildings.

Permanent or Temporary Sports Dome Facility

Allsite’s affordable fabric sports structures are available for purchase, lease or rent. They can be installed on site for just a season, or used year round as a permanent sports facility. These structures are highly durable, lasting for decades, and easily accommodate necessary equipment, such as electronic scoreboards, sound systems, lighting and seating. They can be configured with a choice of ventilation options, as well as different entryways, cargo doors or a number of other desired options.

Designed for easy transport, installation and removal to keep costs down and provide fast and easy solutions to the institutions’ needs, these structures are available within weeks of order and can be up and running to keep your team on schedule and on track for a successful season.

Accessories and Options

  • Doors: Freight doors | Personnel doors
  • Ventilation: HVAC, exhaust fans, overhead fans
  • Anchorage: Concrete Anchor | Stake | Concrete Ballast
  • Lighting: LED | Translucent Fabric | Skylight Fabric
  • Weatherproofing: Concrete Berm | Beam Flap | Insulation and/or Liner

Durable, Advanced Design Tension Fabric Dome Structure

Exterior fabric dome building used for registration at Las Vegas CES show

Allsite tensioned fabric dome sports structures are highly engineered, featuring a corrosion-proof extruded aluminum frame and specially formulated PVC fabric cover to optimize strength, durability, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and longevity of the structure. High strength and corrosion resistant aluminum framing provides a lightweight but extremely strong frame that is further stabilized by tensioning a heavy-gauge PVC fabric lining over the frame. The result is a highly stable and strong fabric building that rivals the strength of traditional building structures. The dome structure’s white fabric cover provides for ventilation and reflects the rays of the sun, providing a comfortable and energy efficient interior. Allsite structures are engineered to meet municipal building code requirements and we handle building permits as required.