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Sports Facilities

Ideal for temporary to permanent indoor sport structures.

Sports Facilities

Short of capital to build your dream? Lease an Allsite structure


Allsite offers municipalities, local associations, clubs and other owners of existing outdoor tennis courts, pools and other sports a unique solution to create indoor facilities on a rental basis.

Leased or purchased, Allsite can provide complete turnkey packages to create year round, high quality, indoor structures that provide a proprietary and unique indoor-outdoor environment for year round use.

With over 100 facilities in place in 20 countries, Allsite has proven the TFS380 as an ideal, long term structure. Accessories can be added to complete your indoor structure to meet the demands of the highest caliber of play.

Case Studies

Client Testimonial

"One of the big advantages is that I never have to worry about the TFS buildings during inclement weather like I do with the air supported structures we have. The TFS structures are extremely durable and I will definitely recommend using the Allsite team again."

The Atlantic ClubRick Laus, Real Estate Director

About Tension Fabric Structures

With a clear span width up to 156’ and a peak height up to 54’ the TFS has ample floor space and interior height which is critical in to most sports.

Why Rent a TFS?

The TFS is ideal for temporary to permanent indoor sport structures for gymnasiums, basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, soccer, hockey, training, and mixed use applications.

The rugged frame of the TFS can support the weight of scoreboards, PA and speaker systems and integrated systems such as rock climbing walls or zip lines.

The strength of the TFS makes it an ideal structure in harsh climates meeting high wind load and snow requirements. Whether you have a temporary need or are looking for a long term solution Allsite’s Structures can fill your immediate need within weeks of your order.

  • Allsite has largest rental inventory of TFS structures providing immediate availability of inventory and cost effective long term rental options.
  • Accessories and packages designed specific to the needs of sport and event related projects.
  • Experienced sales and project managers that will provide cost effective solutions.
  • Our lead techs average over 15 years of experience installing TFS structures. Their knowledge of the TFS means practical solutions can be found to any problem.


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Sports Facility Structure Size Options with Drawings

TFS Series 380-48M

TFS Series 380-48M

Width 48m/ 156′

View Plans
TFS Series 380-38M

TFS Series 380-38M

Width 38m/ 126′

View Plans
TFS Series 380-29M

TFS Series 380-29M

Width 29m/ 95′

View Plans
TFS Series 380-20M

TFS Series 380-20M

Width 20m/ 65′

View Plans

TFS Accessories for Sports Facilities


Freight door | Personnel door


Exhaust fan | Louver | HVAC


Concrete anchor | Stake | Concrete ballast


200 W LED lighting | Translucent fabric | Sky light fabric


Concrete berm | Beam flap | Insulation and/or liner


Hanging brackets | Removable side walls
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