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Enter a swimming pool structure that is built with tensioned fabric technology and you will notice one thing right away:  the space is incredibly wide open and provides a true year round swimming experience.

But the clear span and weather resistant advantages aren’t the only benefit. With available options and accessories, a swimming pool structure can allow the natural light to enter your facility. This helps make for a gorgeous interior space that is beautifully aglow with natural light.

swimming pool structure

A swimming pool structure lit by the sun makes everyone feel happier.

Most of us spend too much time indoors.  That deprives us of the natural light we need to stay happy and healthy.  Exposure to more natural light has been shown to lead to better sleep quality, more physical activity, and better quality of life overall.

Spending more time outdoors is not the only solution.  Why not bring the sunlight indoors?  Buildings that incorporate more natural light can bring a whole world of benefits to the people who live, work, and participate in leisure activities inside of them.

The best architects incorporate natural light for several reasons.

Natural light is a major consideration in the design phase of many of today’s new structures, not only for aesthetic reasons but for the health and energy saving benefits as well.

Architects need to be aware of the importance of natural light not only in terms of their potential energy savings but also in terms of affecting occupants’ health.

Mohamed Boubekri, an associate professor of architecture at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

TFS allow natural light to enter your swimming pool facility.

A building type that can allow for maximum daylight to enter the interior of your facility is the Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS).  One reason is that the super-strong tensioned fabric walls may be customized with translucent PVC-coated polyester, allowing the light to pour in during the day.

In fact, Allsite allows many customized options for all the structures we install.  For swimming pool facility owners, there are several that make good sense:

  • translucent fabric
  • skylights
  • retractable walls
  • climate control and ventilation

Why skylights are a great way to customize your TFS from Allsite.

Customizing your swimming pool structure with skylights allows more sunshine to enter your facility.  It is important to note that the light entering through the skylights is different from the light entering through the other parts of your TFS.  Here is why.

A swimming pool structure made with TFS construction allows light to enter the interior, but not UV rays.  That makes for great protection from getting too much exposure to the harmful rays of the sun.

However, we need some UV rays for the mood-lifting chemical in the brain called serotonin.  Doctors have known since the 1908s that light is important for preventing or treating mood disorders such as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

What’s more, research is now emerging that suggests a connection between spending too much time indoors and near-sightedness in children. More time spent outdoors might soon be our way of protecting the eyesight of kids, since daylight seems to have a beneficial effect on neurons associated with eyesight.

Rest assured, the amount of daylight passing through a skylight is minimal, especially compared to full exposure under the sun, unprotected.  Swimmers get just enough without risk of over exposure.

When the weather outside is gorgeous, open up your TFS and let the outdoors come in.

There is yet another way an Allsite TFS can allow for the sunshine to enter, but only when you want it.  The sidewalls may be removed or raised, allowing for beautiful, natural light as well as fresh air to circulate around your facility.

This option allows for an open-air facility when you want it, but an enclosed, protected space when you need it.

Yet another benefit of natural light: it helps keep the bills low.

Since lighting super-size interior spaces requires lots of energy, anything that reduces that utility load will help with the bottom line.  A swimming pool structure allows your facility to be flooded with natural light so there is usually no need for supplemental lighting during the day.

In fact, a swimming pool structure from Allsite is one of the greenest options for your new facility.  Furthermore, utility savings are not the only way these structures are green.  When your pool is protected from the sun, chlorine degradation is reduced, which means you could potentially use fewer chemicals.

If you would like to experience the beauty and the benefits of a new swimming pool structure from Allsite, give us a call or complete our form to request a quote.  We can show you all the ways that natural light will make your facility a better place to be for everyone.

Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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