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Technology has a large impact on our lives. We have so many things in our society that we seem to take for granted. In 2015, we have one or two cars to each household, each home has several televisions, we have cell phones which seem to be attached to us, which provides us with complete access to the internet, our calendars, and our friends and families. We use technology every day, and we don’t even realize it, until we are not able to use it any longer.


In NBAA’s Business Aviation Insider, “Using Technology” we are able to see that flying has been a large advancement in the art of technology. With airplanes, we are able to get from one side of the country to the other in just the matter of a few hours. Airplanes are even able to take us to other countries a lot faster than if we were to take a boat. Air travel makes travelling a lot easier to deal with as well as gets us to our destinations sooner so that we have more time to spend there.


When you are dealing with airplanes, there are certain things that need to be done before the plane can start flying. While there are maintenance things that need to be done, a flight plan will also need to be filled out. Flight plans help the airport to maintain and control air traffic, and traffic volume coming into the airline.


The way that aircrafts are fixed is also changing. A lot of airlines are moving to more of a digital way of repair rather than paper and a wrench. A computer will be able to tell a technician what is wrong with the airplane. The technician will then be able to have the airplane fixed in a way that is going to be the most efficient and cause the least amount of delay. With the way that technology is going, a technician is also able to check the status of an airplane while it is in the air, and can give keep record of any issues that the plane may be experiencing. This is allowing problems to be solved a lot faster than if a physical diagnostic has to be done on the actual airplane. The technology also helps for technicians to know when the plane is going to be departing or arriving so that they can be near if they are needed. This means that they do not always have to be wasting their time waiting on an aircraft when they can be working on something else.


woman-hand-smartphone-desk-mediumWhen you are working with airlines, specifically as a scheduler, it is important that you are using up to date technology. Being a scheduler is a busy job, so you are going to need to make sure that you are using things that are going to make the job easier.


As technology advances, airlines are having to change their procedures to accommodate the technological changes. This causes benefits and drawbacks. It is going to take time to make sure that procedures are changed and that everyone knows how to use the software. This can take time, but it will make working at the airline more efficient.


When you have aircrafts, they are also going to need to be stored properly. Allsite Structure Rentals can provide temporary fabric structures which can be used as aircraft hangars. Allsite uses technology to their advantage by providing hangars that are going to keep your planes and other equipment safe and secure.

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