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Airlines Face the High Cost of AOGs


tension fabric aircraft hangar sheltering an AOG Jetstar aircraft being worked on my airline mechanics

AOG, aircraft on ground, is serious business for the aviation industry. An aircraft down for any reason can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, and may disrupt flight schedules and thus air traffic control across the country. Emergency repairs and unscheduled maintenance can wreak havoc on an airline’s timetables and aircraft repair delays due to capacity or parts shortages can lead to a cascading nightmare of flight delays and cancellations. Repeated AOGs can cost passenger airlines in the long run, too. Frustrated customers mean a drop in satisfaction scores and reputation, and may mean fewer bookings. Airlines that deliver cargo can be harder hit still. Missed deadlines may mean refunds and a hit to customer confidence, resulting in fewer orders in the future.

Comprehensive AOG Solutions Needed

Airlines must be prepared, stocked and staffed to handle AOG situations. When an AOG situation occurs, there’s a race to get the grounded aircraft back in the air as soon as possible. The key drivers to handling two airline mechanics in front of aircraft at the gate reviewing maintenance recordsAOGs are effective communications and logistics. AOG teams must be ready to move as soon as an AOG incident is called. Having a reliable location to stock parts and bring together the aircraft, replacement part and maintenance staff and equipment quickly facilitates coordination and expedites action so the work can get done faster and the aircraft placed back in service.

Unfortunately, not all airlines and fixed-based operators (FBOs) are prepared to resolve AOGs quickly for two major reasons:

    • They don’t have spare parts and equipment on hand. The most costly AOGs happen when a component isn’t immediately available. But why does this scenario occur so frequently? Businesses don’t have the resources to localize and store these items in a way that’s cost-effective.


  • They lack local workspace or available hangars. Most AOGs require a structures to protect the grounded aircraft and provide for protected workspace, especially in the case of inclement weather.

Allsite Aviation Hangar: a Solution for AOG

The good news is there’s a better, more cost-effective logistical solution for handling your AOG challenges with use of a permanent or temporary airplane hangar.  Tensioned fabric structure (TFS) aircraft hangars are Plane on tarmac in the airport guided by ground staffpremium, aluminum-framed, PVC-coated polyester fabric buildings that can provide both temporary and long-term protection and AOG workspace or storage for aircraft, spare parts and related equipment. These structures can be used anywhere and are perfect for remote location AOG depots, or for extra capacity at existing maintenance and repair ground facilities. These professionally installed fabric aviation hangars are immediately available for delivery to your desired location, made easy by purchase, rent or lease, so they can quickly solve your AOG capacity needs to help you keep your fleet in the air and your personnel and equipment productive on the ground.

Portable, Temporary or Permanent AOG Aviation Hangars

A TFS’s best feature is its versatility. These structures can provide shelter for nearly any type of AOG AOG jet airliner inside TFS fabric aircraft hangar for servicesituation in a variety of sizes for commercial or private aircraft and can be sized to accommodate even the largest airliners. Their modular design can be outfitted with clamshell and bi-fold doors in a variety of locations, meaning aircraft can be moved in or out with ease.

Fabric hangars are also highly portable with virtually no foundation requirements. A TFS doesn’t have to depend on an existing foundation or asphalt tarmac. If necessary, the hangar can also be built around aircraft unable to be safely moved without risking further damage.

Protecting Aircraft on the Ground

The elements are a high-tech machine’s biggest enemy. Grounded aircraft may be subjected to harsh conditions, including wind, extreme temperatures, rain, snow and ice. Tension fabric hangars are designed to Jetstar aircraft in AOG service bay inside TFS hangar surrounded by mechanicsprovide the same solid protection against severe weather as traditional structures, faster, at less cost, and are locatable just about anywhere. Allsite’s TFS offer weatherproofing to safeguard expensive equipment and aircraft and provide sheltered workspace for mechanics and other ground crew. They feature all weather protection and are specially engineered to shed snow and withstand strong winds.

Optimal AOG Working Conditions

Of course, AOGs can’t fix themselves. In addition to storing and protecting equipment, fabric aviation hangars also keep your ground staff and mechanics more safe, comfortable, and working efficiently. With sturdy aluminum framing, a quality TFS is strong enough to support HVACs, fall arrest systems, and other necessary equipment.. Allsite TFS not only insulates against the brutal cold of winter nights but can also be outfitted with additional climate control features.

Fast Aircraft Hangar Installation for AOG Solutions

Our business is dedicated to helping you get out-of-service aircraft back in the air as soon as possible. That’s why Allsite carries a wide range of aviation hangars immediately ready for fast deployment at your AOG site. We also offer TFS accessory packages specifically tailored for both airlines and the FBOs that support them. For more information about our products, contact us online or by phone at 888-599-5112.

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