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Fabric Aviation Hangars Provide Storage Solution for Excess Inventory

a photo of VIrgin airlines plane in Allsite tension fabric aircraft hangar with lights and maintenance crew

Airlines compete in a crowded, competitive marketplace where pricing pressures and costs, like the price of fuel, mean narrow operating margins. Yet, to meet consumer expectations and gain market share, airlines must have equipment ready and available to fill demand when and where it exists.  When demand is not there, airlines face logistical and cost issues related to empty seats and extra aircraft on hand, or excess capacity.

Excess capacity creates many issues for airlines and can be costly to the bottom line. Overcapacity is a challenge for airlines worldwide as it poses many problems, including what to do with excess aircraft when they are not in service.

a photo inside tension fabric hangar with large airlinerInvestment in aircraft equipment is a major cost for airlines and, even in slow times, airlines are not likely to want to give up these valuable assets. However, keeping them in service may mean dropping fares below profitable levels to fill seats. Another option, selling these extraneous aircrafts to the competition, puts further downward pressure on ticket prices as the competitor increases capacity and market share. So, when demand flags, airlines may choose to simply remove extra aircraft from the active fleet and put them in temporary storage in anticipation of future need. Airlines must have a solution to cost-effectively and safely house and tend to this excess equipment inventory.

Tension Fabric Structures for Cost Effective Aviation Hangar Solutions

One of the biggest components of controlling the cost of excess aviation equipment is finding affordable storage for the aircraft. When permanent maintenance and AOG sites are occupied with equipment in a picture of a Royal aircraft British airliner inside temporary aircraft hangar for serviceactive service or repair, or where inventory frequently exceeds current storage facility capacity, airlines need reliable storage facilities that protect the aircraft and keep it in a location that is convenient should it be needed for service.

Tension fabric structures (TFS) – large capacity, temporary or permanent fabric buildings – are a perfect airplane hangar solution that provide temporary, short or long-term storage space, can be installed in virtually any location, are relocatable, and are weather-resistant and climate-controlled for the benefit of maintenance staff and equipment. TFS are extremely durable, while providing the ease of quick installation and transportability. They do not require a foundation and can be delivered to remote locations. They are all-weather structures that are often used in extreme conditions and are able to withstand virtually any weather, such as strong winds or heavy ice and snow.

Strength, Safety and Convenience Help Airline Handle Inventory Logistics Problems

Allsite tension fabric aircraft hangars are covered with a polyester fabric membrane that is coated with PVC and is both weather-resistant and flame retardant. The fabric membrane is stretched across a strong but lightweight aluminum frame. The aviation hangars are available in different sizes and can be a picture of Rpw pf clamshell aviation hangars on airport tarmacequipped with options such as lighting, ventilation, and bi-fold or clamshell aviation doors to fully enclose the aircraft.  Designed to be easily transported and quickly installed, hangars can be made available on short notice for delivery anywhere they are needed.

Tension fabric buildings are relocatable when needs change. They can be reconfigured and reinstalled quickly to meet immediate needs as demand and capacity situations change. They are also useful to store maintenance and other equipment or for use as AOG hangars for emergency or scheduled repair and maintenance activities. With the ability to fully climatize the interior, TFS make great workspaces for ground crew and maintenance teams, and they protect your people and valuable equipment in any climate or weather event.

With lower costs for the reusable materials and easy installation, these structures are far less costly than traditional buildings.  And, since Allsite has structures in stock for delivery, shipment and installation can usually be completed in a matter of weeks. Available for rent, lease or purchase, fabric aviation hangars are a cost-effective solution where excess capacity means extra aircraft that require storage on site, virtually anywhere in the world.

For more information on how Allsite can help relieve your aviation excess capacity storage problems with temporary storage buildings, call or contact us today.

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