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photo of exterior of temporary aircraft hangar with the clamshell door

Explore Allsite’s temporary fabric aircraft hangars at NBAA-BACE 2023 in Las Vegas, offering cost-effective solutions for air cargo, aircraft maintenance, and more. These versatile structures meet building codes, withstand various weather conditions, and provide customizable door options, making them an ideal building solution for the aviation industry.

Here is what we cover in this press release:

Allsite is excited to host our own booth at this year’s NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas, scheduled for October 17-19, 2023. The National Business Aviation Association event is no stranger to Las Vegas and will once again host aviation industry professionals and experts from around the world at the Las Vegas Convention Center for their major industry event of the year. Our portable hangars, which are designed and built to meet all applicable building codes and regulations, are a cost-effective and flexible solution for aircraft storage, MRO operations, and handling excess capacity. We are very pleased this year to join them and share the benefits of our temporary aircraft hangars directly with industry representatives from around the world. If you’ll be attending this exciting event, we hope you will stop by and say hello.

What Happens at the NBAA-BACE?

The highly anticipated NBAA Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition includes presentations, seminars, and displays of the latest business aircraft and related technologies and amenities from business aircraft and aviation industry companies from all around the world. There are state-of-the-art equipment displays on the floor as well as an aircraft exhibit hosted at the Henderson Airport for attendees to explore. There are also a number of informative industry-specific training sessions and panel discussions. The three-day convention is a way for industry professionals to learn, make connections, and come away with new knowledge, ideas, and plans.

Allsite Temporary Aircraft Hangars for the Business Aviation Industry

photo of medium aircraft housed in a temporary aircraft hangar- tension fabric structure

Allsite is pleased to participate in this premier event for an industry we have been serving for decades with our sturdy, high-strength relocatable tension fabric aviation hangars. Aviation industry professionals turn to Allsite for the most reliable fabric hangars in the business. We have provided hangar space to military and aerospace, as well as commercial airlines, regional cargo and air passenger service providers, and private owners.

Allsite’s temporary aircraft hangars are a versatile building solution for a variety of aviation needs. These high-clearance, wide-span structures, available in widths up to 156’, can accommodate aircraft from private single-engine to business jets, as well as helicopters and most large commercial aircraft. Highly durable and reliable, our aircraft hangars are constructed with durable steel frames that can withstand even the most extreme weather conditions, and can be used on a temporary basis or as permanent hangar space for aircraft storage, MRO operations, to handle excess capacity due to flight grounding, delays, or schedule changes, or any of the same activities that would happen in a traditional aircraft hangar. The added benefit is, unlike traditional buildings, these hangars can be quickly and easily deployed where they are most in demand and removed when they are no longer needed.

When it comes to accommodating our clients needs. we have solutions available. Here are two examples of the versatility of the Allsite Fabric Aircraft Hangar.

Tail Cover

In instances where an aircraft is larger than the existing fixed hangar, and there’s a need to cover the tail end of the aircraft, we can install our fabric hangar on legs that elevates it to match the height of the fixed hangar. We can also put our hangar wheels so that it can easily be moved clear when the plane needs to move out of the hangar. We can integrate our fabric structure with an existing hangar to create a fairly sealed environment, thereby protecting the entire aircraft.


When an aircraft is AOG (Aircraft On the Ground), for example damaged on the tarmac, and needs to be covered and repaired in its current location, or for aircraft larger than the 156’ span, our team can set up structures in a cross-type pattern to cover the wings separately from the fuselage and create a custom center piece to tie in the structures over the wings with the fuselage structure to keep a sealed controlled environment.

Our flexible hangars and our experienced team can provide a range of custom solutions like these to provide the hangar solution that works for your needs.

Fabric Aircraft Hangars Built to Last

photo of air force drone in fabric aircraft hangar

Allsite fabric aircraft hangars are among the most trusted by aviation professionals. Our clients know that these structures are reliable, comfortable, energy-efficient, and hold up to the weather in any environment. Our highly stable hangars offer a level of structural integrity that meets standard wind loads, with upgrades available for hurricane-force wind resistance. The structure is aerodynamic, with a sloped shape that easily sheds snow load and precipitation. Our hangars do not require a foundation but use anchor systems that quickly and easily allow us to install your hangar wherever it is needed.

This high-strength structure will support interior truss systems and other overhead equipment or signage, as well as accommodate your power and HVAC systems. As a clear span tension fabric structure, our hangars require no internal supports, providing completely open floor space and high vertical clearance. We offer lighting, ventilation, and door options, including a clamshell aviation door. The hangar accommodates virtually any size aircraft, everything from private single-engine planes to large commercial aircraft, as well as allowing plenty of room for scaffolding, ground vehicles, and personnel.

Allsite temporary aircraft hangars provide unmatched reliability and structural integrity with the added benefits of being a cost-effective and flexible solution. Built with a corrosion and rust-free aluminum frame structure and modular industrial-strength PVC fabric panels, this brick-and-mortar quality fabric structure will stand for decades. It requires little maintenance and withstands UV radiation, helping to reduce energy costs.

Hangars can be leased for as long as needed and returned or relocated according to needs. With a fabric aircraft hangar, the operator avoids the hassle and expense of finding permanent hangar space and can instead choose when and where to install the tension fabric hangar for the most effective solution.

If you will be attending this year’s NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas, stop by our booth and let us know what you are looking for in a hangar solution. We’d love to learn about your operations and share more information with you about our temporary aircraft hangars.

See you at the Allsite Booth

picture of front view of Allsite temporary aircraft hangar with event and booth information Allsite’s booth, #C10417P, is located at the Pavilion, conveniently close to the entrances and just across from the Rolls-Royce display. Please stop by and say hello as we all enjoy the three-day immersive learning and sharing experience among the world’s best business aviation industry experts.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions about our tension fabric aircraft hangar, give our experts a call at 702-699-9195.

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