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Aircraft Hangars

Large interior heights & widths allow plenty of clearance for tails and wings.

Fabric Aircraft Hangars Fit all Locations and Conditions

Hangar your aircraft in the most remote locations or the busiest airports!

Allsite’s TFS380 clearspan modular frame system provides the perfect solution for temporary or semi-permanent hanger needs. With widths in standard sizes up to 156’ wide, there is no aircraft on earth we cannot accommodate, including helicopters. Our multiple door options provide fully engineered solutions at a fraction of the cost of conventional alternatives.

Rapid deployment service can deliver fabric aircraft hangars to most international airport locations within a matter of weeks and our unique construction method allows us to build with the plane in place for recovery projects.

Please contact us to answer any questions you have on how an Allsite TFS380 can get you covered anywhere, any size any time.

Case Studies

Client Testimonial

"The Allsite team managed to get everything, down to the last detail, up and running on time. Experiences like that reveal the true colors of an operation. I can't imagine we would ever use any other company for our structures"

Informa MarketsTony Calanca, Executive Vice President

About Tension Fabric Structures

With a clear span width up to 156’ and a peak height up to 54’ the TFS can accommodate most aircraft. If additional space or height is needed Allsite has cost effective solutions. Allsite TFS is your aircraft hangar and airport building solution because it is available immediately and is easy and fast to install. Our TFS is engineered to be relocated multiple times and has no foundation requirements.

Rigid frame panel aircraft doors
Engineered extruded aluminum framework lowers shipping costs and provides quick and easy installation with no corrosion. Curved eave profile and 25 degree pitch provides snow shed for use in any extreme environment
High peak height to accommodate most aircraft tail height
Lighting, sprinklers and most other fire safety equipment as well as personnel safety lines can be supported by the aluminum frame
Alternate clamshell aircraft door
Rentable widths accommodate most aircraft wingspans 7. Vehicle doors can be added in any side module (4.5m wide) 8. Fabric Door panels can be supplied with any corporate graphic

Bi-Fold Aviation Doors

Artist rendering of a temporary fabric airplane hangar

Clamshell Aviation Doors

Artist rendering of temporary hangar with clamshell opening

Why Rent a TFS?

Allsite TFS (Tensioned Fabric Structure) is one of the only fabric structures engineered to shed snow and withstand high wind loads in the most extreme locations. It is built to withstand ground movement and provides a secure enclosure from the environment for your airplane hangar and aircraft storage needs.

MRO, FBO and storage of airplanes, helicopters, and ground support equipment and storage facilities.

Accessories such as the clamshell or hydraulic aviation doors are efficient and cost-effective solutions for moving aircraft in and out of the hangar. The strength of our beams in combination with our fall arrest brackets make it a safe environment to work at heights on performing aircraft maintenance.

Our TFS solution has minimal foundation requirements. Allsite has multiple anchoring accessories if the tarmac or other surface does not allow penetration in the ground with stakes. Other options include cargo and personnel doors with panic hardware, lighting, exhaust fans and louvered vents, framed openings, weatherproofing and other specialized packages.

  • Allsite has largest rental inventory of TFS structures providing immediate availability of inventory and cost-effective long-term rental options
  • Accessories and packages designed specific to the needs of aviation projects
  • Meets all local and international engineering and building codes
  • Our lead techs average over 15 years of experience installing tensioned fabric structures. Their knowledge of the TFS means practical solutions can be found to any problem.
Image of large temporary aircraft hangar with room for helicopters
Embrear Air aircraft storage hangar interior with large aircraft inside high clearance aluminum framed fabric structure

Aircraft Hangar Structure Size Options with Drawings



Width 48m/ 156′

View Plans


Width 38m/ 126′

View Plans


Width 29m/ 96′

View Plans


Width 20m/ 66′

View Plans

TFS Accessories for Aircraft Hangars


Clamshell aviation door | Hydraulic door | Personnel door | Freight Door


Exhaust fan | Louver | Framed opening | HVAC


Crane lift | Wheel system


Concrete anchor | Stake | Concrete ballast


200 W LED lighting | Translucent fabric | Sky light fabric


Concrete berm | Beam flap | Insulation and/or liner


Hanging brackets (fall arrest)
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