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It takes a lot to create and install a temporary aircraft structure that stands up to harsh elements.  From the engineering during the design phase to the logistics of erecting the hangar, one misstep and you could end up with an unsound structure that becomes a liability.

Temporary Aircraft Hangars Are an Ideal Solution to Permanent Problems

Allsite’s TFS use tensioned industrial fabric stretched over a super-strong aluminum frame.  And by “stretched”, we mean there is a system of cables that pull the fabric over and around the sturdy aluminum frame.

temporary aircraft structure

There are hundreds of pounds of pressure involved and the walls are tensioned both vertically and horizontally. This makes the structure highly resistant to strong force winds and precipitation.

To support all that tension, the fabric has to have superior strength. The tensioning mechanism delivers heavyweight power, so of course the fabric used must be able to stand up to unyielding force.  That is part of what makes an Allsite temporary aircraft structure so incredibly durable.

The fabric must perform while under continuous, long-term tension, so the tensile strength must be sufficient.  Other companies may use a lighter grade fabric, but not Allsite.  We generally use PVC coated 29 oz. fabric.

That super-strength fabric is stretched over a rugged aircraft grade aluminum frame that is lightweight enough for the structure to remain relocatable, yet strong enough to withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure.

A Lot of Engineering Goes Into Every TFS

When the fabric is pulled, the load is carried to the main structural points of the solid frame.  You can feel confident that our engineers have already pored over the design of your temporary aircraft structure in order to determine pressure loads and weight distribution.

In fact, most TFS are designed using highly sophisticated computer software modeling programs, this allows our engineers to calculate exactly how the fabric and the frame will work together and the result is a temporary aircraft structure that is both efficiently designed and structurally sound.

What you get is a TFS that easily handles both dead loads and live loads such as wind.  All this, plus an impressive clear span width of up to 156′ and a peak height of up to 54′. If your need for space is greater our design team will work with you to find a custom solution without breaking the bank. As for the length of your TSF, that is only limited by the amount of space you have available.

The PVC-Coated Polyester Makes for a Surprisingly Rugged Exterior That Stands Up to Almost Anything

Tensioned fabric buildings have come a long way since they were first used around the mid-20th century.  What we now use on every temporary aircraft structure is PVC-coated polyester, which is known for strength and durability, as well as weather resistance.

The PVC coating lends strength to the already-strong polyester, which is also known for its stretching capabilities.  For longer term fabrications, polyester coated with PVC are most often the best cost-effective solutions.

Scientific Developments Have Brought TFS into the Mainstream for Building Choices

Although many of the early TFS structures are still standing, advances in technology have greatly increased the longevity and durability of tensioned fabric structures.

These advances have also brought down the cost and allowed the tensioned fabric structure to become accessible to the private consumer.  Here is what you can expect these days from the best in the TFS industry:

  • PVC-coated polyester that passes the strictest of fire safety regulations
  • a structure that can withstand heavy winds
  • a structure that sheds snow
  • a structure which stands up to the elements year after year

Aircraft owners or airport managers, protect your investment and those of your clients, with a TFS from Allsite.  We offer a practical, ruggedly built, relocatable temporary aircraft structure that is made according to the most stringent of standards.

In addition to being strong, an Allsite TFS can be customized to your specifications. We offer a variety of options for lighting, climate control and ingress/egress. We can even section your TFS to allow mixed use space.

Your TFS will be delivered directly to your airport or private land and installed with the quickest of possible turnaround times.  We will even bring our own crew for a turnkey operation so you can stay focused on the business at hand.

To learn more about our structures or to place your order for a temporary aircraft structure, click here or call us at 888.599.5112.

Author Jason Cromwell

Jason Cromwell is the General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals. He has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jason is a 12 year veteran in all matters related to Tension Fabric Structures with Allsite Structure Rentals and has over 20 years of sales, operations, and management experience. Read more about Jason and the rest of our team at

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