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If you are in need of an indoor facility for basketball practice and games, a Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS) might be a viable option for you. A temporary basketball enclosure is affordable enough to be constructed for near immediate use, making it possible to practice and play basketball year round.

Temporary Basketball enclosure

In addition, with costs significantly lower than building a brick and mortar facility, this type of structure will save money both initially and in the long run.

A Temporary Basketball Enclosure Can Handle your Best Shots

Our temporary basketball enclosures are completely stable and designed to withstand the elements, from both inside and outside. The Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) offered by Allsite are used in mining operations and on construction sites too, making them durable and strong enough to handle whatever you throw at them.

Our temporary basketball enclosures are designed with PVC coated polyester scrim fabric and T6061 aluminum frames so they are able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high wind and heavy snow loads.

Lower Operating Costs

A temporary basketball enclosure can save money in several ways. First, in most instances, they do not require that a foundation be laid, like a traditional building. In general, zoning requirements for such structures are different from those of a permanent building, giving more options on placement.

The relocatable basketball enclosures also do not need the same amount of maintenance as with a traditional structure. A temporary basketball enclosure can be installed in a matter of days or weeks as opposed to the months or years needed to construct a traditional building, reducing building and permit costs significantly.

Allsite structures are built in an energy-efficient manner and once the TFS is built, cost of upkeep is reasonable. They are designed to work with optional HVAC, exhaust fans and louvers. In addition, the translucent fabric used allows natural sunlight to enter and helps to lower lighting costs.

Custom Designed

One of the best features of a temporary basketball enclosure is that it is customizable. The structure clear span width of up to 156 feet, a maximum height of 54 feet, and unlimited length makes them able to accommodate almost anything. In fact, that is enough room for a basketball court, plus locker rooms, bleachers, offices, or even for multiple basketball courts.

Basketball Lockers

The modular construction system enables us to create separate areas with ease, and can make space for additional sports as well so the facility can function as a multi-purpose site.

The strong aluminum framing allows for lighting, scoreboards, and speaker systems to be installed and we can work with you to make sure all of your facility’s needs are met. Moreover, if ever the needs change, the indoor structure can be moved easily via crane or available wheels.

Schedule and Practice Consistency

All athletes and coaches know that consistency is vital when practicing a sport. By being able to develop a practice routine and play schedule that is not affected by rain cancellations or delays, players can remain focused on their training.

Research has found that an athlete that works hard to develop skills and abilities during the season can lose them once the season is over and they stop training. Therefore, most basketball players will benefit from the year-round training that is becoming standard for most teams, and which is only possible with a temporary basketball enclosure.

When an actual game is cancelled or delayed, it creates a break in the rhythm of the game as well as creating the extra step of having to reschedule. That can be avoided by having a facility that is not affected by the weather.

Player Safety

By being able to practice and train indoors, there is a decreased risk for player injury, especially with young players. In inclement weather, players are more likely to twist knees and ankles and could potentially fall or trip. Basketball is a fast-paced sport with physical contact so minimizing the risk of injury by playing indoors is necessary.

Allsite has the experience and inventory to get your facility up and running in a relatively short amount of time. Call us today to find out how our temporary basketball enclosure can help your teams continue to play and train year-round. You can also visit our website here to learn more.

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