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Tension fabric construction enclosure used to protect a rural home undergoing a renovation

Construction industry trends and challenges in 2018 reflect the impact of a changing industry landscape. As you consider ways to improve your return on investment on construction projects, consider how these issues may be affecting your budget and project capabilities:

    • Material costs for construction projects continue to increase due to several factors including increasing market demand in an improving economy and housing market, as well as the effects of expiring trade agreements and US government tariff declarations.


    • 2017 was the most expensive year for storm-related destruction of infrastructure and buildings. Severe weather causes work stoppages that put schedules and budgets out of whack. Delays and costs rise further when raw materials or work in progress are lost to the storms, made even worse when raw materials are in high demand and short supply in the aftermath due to rebuilding. Expectations for 2018 are that weather events will continue to be less predictable and more extreme than in the past.


    • Project delays due to an ongoing labor shortage that has been escalating since 2008 as a result of an aging workforce, a drop in the immigrant workforce and fewer young US workers willing to take construction jobs, all made more intense by a boom in commercial construction.


  • An increased demand for green construction projects and prefabrication has changed thinking and what goes into building construction projects. Companies not prepared to offer more high-tech and low impact building processes are missing out on lower construction costs and increased profitability.

Ease Challenges with Tension Fabric Construction Shelters

Considering the challenges that threaten the bottom line, finding ways to control costs, increase productivity and protect your investment in materials and equipment can go a long way toward meeting your goals for 2018. What happens at the job site is key to making tight schedules, retaining a quality workforce, and staying on budget. Having an affordable and reliable temporary construction shelter is one way to manage the challenges of your job site. Tension fabric structures give builders the chance to extend the construction season through the winter to wrap up projects in spring, when other contractors are just getting started. Enjoy a bottom line advantage with the opportunity to bring projects to market months ahead of schedule.

All-Weather Protection at Construction Site

interior shot of large footprint tension fabric building under contsruction with engineers observing the process on concrete foundation

Wind and Rain

Delays due to severe weather take a toll on productivity and the bottom line. With worker shortages affecting the entire industry, getting the most from your crew and keeping them safe and healthy should be a major factor in any project planning. An all-weather tension fabric construction shelter can help keep your workforce safe and comfortable, out of rain, sleet, snow or the high heat of summer.

Unlike a tent, that has only vertical posts and no stabilizing overhead structure, the Allsite tension fabric structure (TFS) is securely anchored and fixed by a sturdy aluminum alloy frame, aerodynamically curved and further strengthened by the highly tensioned fabric covering. It is designed to withstand strong winds and precipitation.

Sun and Heat

Summer heat can be difficult to avoid on a busy construction project, but is an extreme danger to your workers and can have an impact on your bottom line. OSHA warns against heat exposure that endangers the health and wellbeing of workers, and increases the likelihood of work stoppage due to heat or lost work time due to heat-related illnesses.

A tension fabric construction shelter can protect your workers from the dangerous effects of direct sun and resulting heat exposure. Equipped with a thick, protective PVC fabric covering and available ventilation, the interior of the TFS blocks direct sun and thus will allow workers to work at a lower and safer temperature. In extreme heat environments, a TFS construction shelter may be outfitted with climate controls. With the increasing risk of high summer temperatures across the country, investing in a temporary construction shelter rental can boost the hours workers stay on the job, make them more productive and reduce health risks by decreasing the risk of heat exposure for workers.

With a TFS, fewer hours will be lost to weather and your job stays on schedule and gets finished faster, helping you better manage the scarce labor you have available.

Protect Construction Project Investment from the Elements

Great for locations that experience heavy rains or snow, or anticipate the possibility of strong seasonal weather events, an Allsite temporary construction enclosure can also protect your investment in project materials and equipment. A TFS will shelter your partially completed work from damage or loss due to weather, whether it’s a brand new structure, a building expansion or a structural renovation. A wheel and crane installation system allows the TFS to be installed and removed safely without impact to the existing structure.

Protected Project Site Management and Activity Hub

The Allsite TFS offers not only storm protection, but if desired, can be used as an indoor, sheltered and closed work environment, free of wind and blowing dust, to protect delicate equipment like computers and high-tech machinery, as well as reduce worker exposure to flying dust and debris. When choosing a tension fabric structure, you get more than just a tent. TFS accessories including exhaust fans, metal halide lights, and cargo bay doors allow you to create a fully workable indoor location depending on your project needs.

The Allsite TFS also allows you to protect your material investment in the project when used as a storage building at the work site.  When configured as an enclosed building, TFS can store raw materials, supplies and costly tools and equipment, keeping them out of harm’s way when unexpected weather hits and hidden from public view, helping to reduce the risks of worksite theft and vandalism.

Temporary Construction Enclosure

Construction shelter tension fabric structure protects large home from weather during renovation

The TFS’s height from 25’ to 54’ and span, from 48’-156’ allow the structure to be configured as a spacious construction enclosure to protect a new or existing building while work is being carried out. Installation of the TFS is fast, usually a matter of days after order close, and your structure is then instantly protected from damaging rain, hail and snow, with reduced exposure to heat, wind and dust. The TFS construction enclosure helps control your costs by protecting the structure from potentially expensive water damage. And, it helps you keep the work moving forward and meet crucial deadlines as work can continue uninterrupted during weather events that otherwise would result in work stoppages.

Green and Sustainable Temporary Construction Shelters

tension fabric construction shelter housing an 18 wheeler truck carrying load of dirt

As a part of the green building boom, clients are looking to green structures that are lighter on the environment and also help reduce operating costs, i.e., energy efficient, water use reduction, and reduced waste of construction materials. The reusable TFS is made from high-grade architectural fabric and a durable, corrosion and rust-free engineered aluminum alloy frame that has a long useful life and is fully recyclable. This is an ideal solution for firms looking to reduce their environmental impact while also enjoying lower operating costs. This efficient, low cost relocatable structure can be used short or long term, for a single project or on multiple projects and for a variety of uses.

Explore the Advantages of an Allsite Tension Fabric Construction Shelter

Tension fabric structures are a 21st-century solution to address some of the demands and challenges of the changing construction industry. To find out more about how Allsite’s tension fabric construction structures can benefit your business,  contact Allsite Structure Rentals in Las Vegas, Nevada. We offer free quotes for your business needs.

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