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Why Choose Tension Fabric Structures for Your Construction Project Enclosures?

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Commercial contractors and custom home builders face challenges at every work site. One of the most common is changing weather. When project delays occur due to weather, the costs mount quickly. And, if unprotected, a site may experience weather-related damage that has to be retrofitted, causing more delay and costs. Construction site enclosures can help eliminate downtime due to weather. Covering the worksite with a sturdy weather-proof structure to protect the site from the elements improves productivity and comfortable work conditions for crews. It protects on-site building materials, tools, and machinery, and helps provide the building under construction protection from damage due to water and wind.


Tackle Construction Site Weather Challenge

Nearly all construction sites experience some challenges related to weather. Projects may be designed, staged, and scheduled, such as completing major work in summer, to allow the contractor and crew to work around weather-related events and still complete the project on time. Laying foundations, for example, will need to occur when the ground is not frozen. Still, crews can be delayed or endangered in the event of precipitation, lightning, or wind storms. Heat waves reduce the hours that crews can be expected to work on hot days. Usually, a few weather delays are baked into any construction contract, but the weather is always a threat to successful on-time and on-budget project delivery.

For smaller projects, such as those of custom home builders, a project may be on a tight time and money budget. Being able to deliver the custom structure on time and within budget is crucial to the builder as well as to the homebuyer. Unexpected rain, snow, or wind can damage the construction site, causing delays and extra costs to replace any damaged materials. Workers may have to be sidelined during these events, or in case of extreme heat or dust storms, costing even more money to the builder. Construction firms usually have weather contingency plans so the work site will withstand many typical weather events. Crews are trained to recognize dangerous weather conditions, ranging from heat and dust to imminent threats from hazardous conditions such as lightning or tornadoes. Experienced and trained crews watch for and take cover when the weather turns hazardous. Having a covered structure on-site provides crews with a refuge from inclement weather. Construction enclosures protect workers and can also protect the building under construction and the work area around it. A construction enclosure can be a major factor in completing a project on budget and on time, regardless of local weather events.

Why a Tension Fabric Construction Enclosure?

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To be effective, a construction enclosure must be reliably sturdy and stable. It should have high clearance in order to provide adequate workspace, including for a multistory structure. It should be weather resistant and provide a comfortable, dry interior where work can continue, even in wet, hot, or cold weather.

Allsite delivers highly durable, stable temporary structures that will protect your worksite as long as you need them.
Allsite Tension Fabric Structures are heavy-duty, and designed for usage in any environment. They are supported with a durable, but lightweight extruded aluminum frame that is covered with industrial-strength, chemical, and fire-resistant PVC fabric panels that are tensioned firmly over the frame, creating a taut, high-strength structure that will stand up to extreme weather. The curved design sheds rain and snow, and the high-strength structure stands up to high winds. The modular design structure is easy to transport and assemble at the site, so it can be put to use quickly to keep your project on track.

Your Allsite installation team will customize the configuration of your tension fabric construction enclosure to fit your project site width, length, and height. Installing a tension fabric structure will let you protect your project from the roof down from damage due to weather and provide covered shelter for your work crews, supplies, and equipment. With fewer interruptions due to weather, most projects pick up extra hours and days of productive work. The builder saves money on overtime no longer needed to make up for time lost due to weather conditions. With a covered enclosure, workers are more comfortable and can work more effectively, which means better quality of work and better workforce retention.

Custom Home Builders Trust Allsite Structures

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Allsite works closely with builders on custom home site projects to facilitate their enclosure needs. With various anchoring solutions, these versatile structures can be raised on any terrain, so placement is exactly where you need cover. With its modular design, the structure can be sized and placed where needed in the footprint available. Installation is usually a matter of days and need not interrupt work at the site.

Call Allsite today for more information on a construction project tension fabric enclosure and get the reliable protection you need to deliver the job.

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