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One of the most frustrating obstacles when building a custom home is delays due to winter weather conditions. Extreme cold weather, sleet, or snow can all cause a project to be pushed back and lead to an impact on the bottom line. Temporary construction tents are an optimal and practical solution to keeping a project on track and not missing any important deadlines.

When building a custom house, quality and consistency should not be sacrificed because of unpredictable weather. No contractor ever relishes having to face dissatisfied customers. With temporary construction tents, those uncomfortable conversations regarding missed deadlines never need to occur.

Temporary Construction Tent Options

Temporary construction tents are not one size fits all because job sizes vary, especially with custom homes. With a large range of construction tent sizes, from 50’ to 156’ in width and up to 54’ in height, Allsite is able to provide protection for most any size of construction site. A Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS) has enough vertical space to operate heavy equipment in to cover existing machinery and structures on site.

There are also a wide variety of available options with different types of doors, ventilation, relocation, anchorage, and lighting in order to customize the construction enclosure to fit your site’s needs.


The TFS frame of temporary construction tents can be installed by crane or wheeled in entire sections, allowing them to be placed over almost any existing or future structure. This enables the structure to be built and taken down with little interference to ongoing work. In addition, the flexible TFS frame can be built on almost any surface and often does not require an existing foundation or for the surface to be level.

If your needs on the job site change, as they often do, the enclosure can be easily and cost-effectively relocated or resized.

Employees Will Remain Productive

Most people do not perform as well when they are working in uncomfortable conditions. Workers are able to function in adverse conditions, but there are limitations. During winter months daylight hours are shorter and crews generally work slower and need to take more breaks.

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In fact, the U.S Department of Labor states that construction workers are at risk for Cold Stress, a condition due to environmental cold, which can lead to trench foot, frostbite and hypothermia. Workers who are exposed to cold conditions for a prolonged period of time are also at risk for other injuries and subsequently missed time from work.

Temporary construction tents can provide protection from the harsh elements so workers are able to continue at a productive pace and without interruptions.   This creates a better and safer overall work environment and enables workers to get the job done more expediently.

Tools and Equipment Will Be Protected

Imagine the amount of time saved by being able to keep all of your tools and equipment in one place. There is no need to move machinery or cover and protect tools after a day of work. Moreover, with the flexibility in the size of temporary construction tents, there is one that will store and protect all of your assets. Simply leave everything where it is and pick right back up again the next day.   If you require extra storage on site, that can also be accommodated, and available locking metal doors can help to secure your tools and machinery.

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Deadlines Will Be Met

Performing certain construction tasks in colder months is just more difficult. Pouring concrete or laying asphalt requires a different and more expensive mix, thermal blankets and ground heaters are often needed to enable work to be performed. Roofing shingles do not adhere and seal as well either in colder weather. With an enclosed structure, these tasks can be performed without interruption.

It is no surprise that construction delays are one of the most common fears for contractors and homeowners who are building a new custom home. Now, you can eliminate one of the biggest reasons for delays and keep your customers happy. Because as you know, word of mouth on a job delivered on time, on budget, and of high quality is the best advertising for your next job.

Allsite’s temporary construction tents work in any winter climate, including areas with high wind and snow. Contact our experienced experts today to find out how we can help keep your winter building project from falling behind schedule.

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