Temporary Event Structures

trade show fabric structure

The solid construction of our temporary event structures means they are not just for temporary use, they are tough and resilient enough for semi-permanent use as well.

Trade shows, conventions, and even filming sets have all found that tensioned fabric structures (TFS) are an effective event space solution.

How do we know? Located in the heart of the convention and trade show headquarters, Las Vegas, we have been providing TFS structures for years. Our inventory of ready-to-go fabric enclosures have been successfully used for:

  • Trade Shows
  • Conventions
  • Concert venues
  • Film sets (such as Grownups 2 and The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe)
  • Sporting events
temporary event structures

Advantages of a Tensioned Fabric Structure for Events & Entertainment

Our structures’ light, yet durable, construction means that in most cases they can be set up without a foundation. They can even be built on unlevel or slightly rough terrain (within reason), with your choice of stakes or ballast to keep your structure firmly in place.

Allsite temporary event structures are available in widths from 50’ to 156’. Modular construction allows you to connect structure to structure for an enclosure of any length. The clear span design allows the interior of the structure to be configured to meet almost any need.

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More about the Structure and Frame

There is more to Allsite’s temporary fabric structures than meet the eye.

  • Our structure frames are built from T6061 aluminum that has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel
  • Unlike steel, our aluminum framing will never corrode or rust
  • The sturdy frame of our TFS allows you to hang speaker systems, lights, trusses, or retractable stages
  • With heights up to 54’, our TFS can provide room for retractable equipment and/or make your event feel extraordinarily large.
  • We use only 29oz fabric that is certified fire-resistant by the state of California

Bad Weather? No Problem.

Do you have an event in the desert? Our fabric lets in light while filtering out UV rays. It is also rated for temperatures up to 160* F! Moreover, if the temperatures are too high for comfort, there are always HVAC and ventilation options.

Allsite’s fabric is tensioned both vertically and horizontally and tightly seals the structure. This is not just any fabric. It opens up more possibilities of what you can do with temporary structures.

Use exhaust fans, framed ventilation windows, louver systems, or HVAC to regulate your event’s environment, no matter what weather is going on outside!

Speaking of temporary, our structures do not have to be short-lived. The relocatable enclosures are durable enough for semi-permanent use. You will never lose frame weight to rust or corrosion (as with steel) and our tension fabric comes with a seven-year warrantee.

Modular Construction means more Possibilities

Do you need separate offices, storage rooms, bathrooms, or showers inside your structure? The modular construction makes it easy to add these requirements to you structure. Our available options also make it simple to utilize personnel or cargo doors wherever you need them. Overhead steel doors are also available.

If you have any specific needs or customizations for your particular event, we can help you find practical solutions. Our lead technicians average 15 years of experience working with relocatable and temporary structures. They will work closely with you to find a workable solution tailored just for you.

Being based in Las Vegas, where over 20,000 conventions are held each year, has advantages. We understand the business of trade shows and conventions. We also have strategic partnerships with management companies, vendors, and more.

Do you have a special event in your future? Our temporary event structures will fit the bill.

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