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Mention the words temporary fabric buildings to someone and chances are if they know what one is at all, they will think of military use and perhaps specialized construction projects or Antarctic expeditions.

However, it is not just construction contractors and the military that use these structures. There are many different types of businesses and even civic organizations, from schools to airports to environmental clean up, even entertainment, that take advantage of the benefits fabric structures provide.

temporary fabric buildings

Tensioned Fabric Structures (TFS) can help many different types of organizations, businesses, and projects.

Temporary Fabric Buildings Make Great Sports Structures

Tensioned fabric enclosures are used by athletic organizations of all sizes, from high schools all the way up to NFL and Major League Baseball teams.

Small school districts often use these because renting or even buying one is much less expensive than building a cinder-block gym. However, they can also be used as classrooms and auditoriums thanks to optional lighting and climate control packages. Even well-funded big sports teams use tensioned fabric buildings because of how durable and convenient they are.

In other words, TFS athletic buildings combine small school district price with major league toughness and durability. But that is not the only reason they are used by athletic organizations of all types.

Temporary structures can be constructed any time an indoor athletic facility needs to be set up ASAP. A crew with a trained installation technician can usually set up 10,000 square feet in a single workday. These structures are also recognized for making the best of limited space.

TFS buildings also work well when outdoor sports are hampered by the weather. They have also been used as temporary sports arenas and even as enclosures for equestrian events. Temporary athletic structures serve a multitude of uses for a multitude of organizations.

How TFS Structures Work for Large Events

A common concern about temporary fabric buildings is the inner environment. Since it is not a “real” building, will it not be too cold or too hot depending on the weather?

TFS structures offer a broad range of temperature control advantages. First, the fabric is tensioned both vertically and horizontally. This is what makes it able to create a seal with the aluminum frame.

Second, these structures support a large variety of environmental control options. The frame is sturdy enough to support fans or an entire HVAC system. Vents and exhaust fans are additional options, if needed. An insulated lining can be added for additional efficiency.

The frame of temporary fabric buildings can also support lighting, PA systems, truss systems, and other necessary equipment. This makes it great for use during trade shows, conventions, and other events.

Finally, since temporary fabric buildings are completely modular, rooms can be added to the structure as needed. These rooms can include offices, storage space, or a press box. Bathrooms, shower-equipment, and dressing rooms can and have been used in TFS structures before.

The modular construction system enables us to create separate areas with ease, and can make space for additional sports as well so the facility can function as a multi-purpose site.

From our article regarding temporary basketball enclosures. Click here to read the complete article.

Temporary Fabric Buildings for the Entertainment Industry

TFS are also used in multiple ways for film and other recording projects. When filming must take place away from the studio, these buildings are often used to store lighting, sound, and other equipment. They can also provide a convenient studio away from the studio, especially for projects that involve use of a green screen.

These buildings have also been used as studios/sets by themselves. The aluminum frame can hold stages and other equipment that can be retracted when not in use. Moreover, as with trade shows and large events, adequate lighting and HVAC systems are never a problem and the clear span design allows for an almost limitless range of internal layout.

As a final point, a storage structure for an equipment area helps protect a project from vandalism and theft. An enclosed site is much less vulnerable to criminal mischief and crimes of opportunity. Even career criminals are easily dissuaded by a site that looks more well-protected than usual.

Temporary fabric buildings are an effectual solution for sports events, as well as sports practice. Because it is both cost-effective and sturdy, fabric building rental has become more and more common for conventions, concerts, and other events in recent years. In addition, TFS structures work great for filming a wide variety of projects.

For more information about how temporary fabric buildings can help your business, click here or call us at 888.599.5112. Our experienced project managers can help create a structure solution that fits your particular needs.

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