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Fabric Structures Provide Affordable Community Meeting Spaces

fabric building with HVAC systems for public events

Civic and community needs and priorities are in constantly changing and funding can vary from year to year. This is where temporary fabric buildings, quick to install and easily removed, can play a vital role in providing the spaces needed for activities ranging from special events to homeless shelters at an affordable price and for only as long as the group needs it.

Allsite tension fabric structures (TFS) provide spacious and comfortable indoor space that community groups, religious organizations and local governments need for activities such as the following:

Churches and Church Meeting Halls

temporary fabric church building next to a church building for holding special church events

Church congregations need large meeting spaces for regular services and special events. Tension fabric buildings provide ample, open interior space that can accommodate large crowds. The sturdy aluminum frame supports speaker systems (these structures are also used for concerts and as entertainment venues) for the full service experience. With high ceilings and no interior impediments, the congregation can interact easily while comfortably protected from the elements. The fabric covering is UV resistant and the interior can be heated or cooled as required. With a choice of entryways, including double glass door public entry and cargo doors for equipment and supplies, the building can be used like a traditional structure.

First Nations Field House and Community Centers

Tension fabric structure with cargo doors and personnel entry in spacious parking lot

First Nation communities seek low cost solutions for reliable, all-weather buildings to meet a variety of needs such as pavilion buildings, community and recreational centers, long houses or pow wow tents. Fabric structures may also serve as temporary housing or administrative centers. The open space and high ceiling Allsite tension fabric structure provides ample space for community events and activities providing the spacious, open feel of the outdoors, but accommodating the comforts of a traditional building, like electrical, lighting, heating and cooling. Allsite TFS provides large capacity indoor space that provides reliable shelter in high winds, rain and snow and is suitable for any climate. Available for use in remote locations, the structure can be installed on any terrain. It requires little maintenance and can serve reliably for short or long-term use.

Education Facilities

tension fabric building aluminum frame beams on a transport truck in front of a school building to be used as a large fabric school sports facility

Schools, colleges and community centers are in need of temporary space to handle burgeoning enrollment and new academic or sports programs. Capital improvement funds are hard to get, so school districts, colleges and universities need flexible solutions that can be funded with short-term operating funds. A temporary fabric building is relocatable. It can be reconfigured or enlarged and can be economically moved, converted and deployed for different uses around campus over time. TFS can be installed anywhere to quickly accommodate campus needs for classrooms, lecture, auditorium and assembly halls, sports and physical education facilities, retail or food service space, or for administrative and office space.

Parks and Recreation Facilities

Fabric aluminum frame indoor tennis court sports structure

Parks and Recreation departments need affordable facilities for special events, including indoor sports tournaments, classes and training, youth recreation centers, tennis and volleyball courts, swimming pools and many other uses. Available quickly in a number of sizes, tension fabric buildings provide a fast and affordable solution for strapped budgets, and can be used on fields and empty lots with no requirement for a foundation. These sturdy buildings provide many of the amenities of a traditional building and are suitable for short or long term use.

Homeless Shelters

Fabric Structures for Sale - Flemington

Communities across the country are dealing with growing homeless populations due to high real estate prices and other situations that leave adults and families with children alike with no place to stay. Tension fabric structures can provide reliable temporary indoor housing for these populations. They can be equipped with services like water and electricity as well as heating and cooling. With high ceilings and ventilation, they provide comfortable open space for guests and can be subdivided into sections or rooms for privacy or to accommodate multiple functions such as a health center, food service, intake area, staff offices and so on.

Advantages of Tension Fabric Structures for Community Use

Available for short term rental or lease, as well as lease to buy, the Allsite TFS offers many of the same features as brick and mortar buildings, but without the cost and commitment those require. These fabric buildings are made to last. With a highly engineered, extruded aluminum frame and heavy-duty UV resistant fabric cover, they can serve community needs for decades to come. For more information on the Allsite TFS for your community needs, contact us today.

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