Temporary Remediation Enclosures

remediation enclosure with crane

Whether you are cleaning up a manufactured gas plant site or any other environmentally affected areas, temporary remediation enclosures can make your job considerably easier.

These structures help you keep contaminants, dust, odor, and noise in, and prying eyes and vandalism out.

AllSite has been helping contractors clean up affected areas for over 20 years. We have a complete inventory of remediation enclosures to fit any need.

The enclosures can be quickly delivered to your job, set up rapidly by our team of experienced technicians, then taken down and relocated to another site, if necessary. Our remediation structures are also movable on-site via crane or on wheels.

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A Remediation Enclosure serves several Purposes

Exhaust fans and framed ventilation openings can help keep your crew safe from any fumes and noxious gases. Heavy-duty PVC-coated polyester lets light in while it keeps inquisitive observers out. In addition, due to the lighter weight of the aluminum frames, you can place your structure without a foundation or even a level site in most cases.

Lightweight does not mean flimsy, though. The T6061 aluminum frame has a better weight-to-strength ratio than steel and you never have to worry about rust or corrosion: These flexible frames can support metal halide lights or other lighting systems. They also can effectively support many types of equipment.

Remediation Enclosures

Allsite remediation structures can reach a maximum height of 54’, more than adequate for most project applications. If you need even more clearance, contact us to find a custom and cost-effective solution.

AllSite remediation enclosures are weather-resistant so that your cleanup project stays on schedule, regardless of the weather.

Benefits of Using a Remediation Structure

  • A remediation enclosure will keep the world from your site, while also protecting your site from the world.
  • Helps keep contaminants confined, while keeping potential new contaminants out.
  • Depending on the specifics of the site, rain-resistant fabric may assist in combatting runoff.
  • Modular construction allows for cargo doors, personnel doors, and overhead steel doors as needed.
  • Thanks to our clear span design, rooms or sectioned-off areas on the inside of your enclosure can easily be added for offices, storage rooms, and decontamination and shower rooms.
  • AllSite structures are rated for high winds and heavy snow loads and provide ample protection from heat.
  • These strong, lightweight structures can be secured with either stakes or concrete ballast. In most cases a foundation or level site is not needed.
  • Structures can be moved on your site via crane, or broken down and relocated to a new site.
  • Use metal halide lights to turn your cleanup into a 24/7 operation, regardless of the weather.
  • Remediation structures help protect your equipment from the elements and potential vandals.

Benefits of Working with AllSite

AllSite is the number one provider of remediation enclosures in the world, we have a large inventory of ready-to-go remediation structures.

We also supply packages and accessories specifically for MGP and other types of remediation projects.

Our lead technicians average 15 years of experience installing structures. They know how to get the job done fast, and can find practical solutions to most any challenge.

We understand that start dates can change unexpectedly, often at the 11th hour. Allsite is experienced in working with changing and tight schedules.

We are the number one remediation structure provider with a large inventory in the U.S. Contact us about your needs via the contact form below.

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