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Prefabricated Structure being used for Market Plaza

Event Exterior

Temporary fabric structures are versatile and convenient building solutions used for applications across many industries. They also represent a cost-effective building solution, making them a good choice for entities that prioritize cost management and optimization of efficient operations.

Here is what we cover in this article:

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Modular Structures Available on Short Notice

Having needed building space available when and where you need it is an ongoing challenge to many businesses and other entities. When business conditions change or fluctuate, space needs can change rapidly. Shortage of space can disrupt and delay operations, affecting the bottom line. In times when demand is high, companies that lack space may lose out on opportunities to sell more goods or services. Companies with too much building capacity have to absorb the cost of that unused space, which negatively impacts profitability.

Allsite’s temporary fabric structures provide a great solution to fluctuating building space needs, either for temporary or long-term use. Since they are prefabricated and modular, these structures can be quickly configured, delivered, and installed, giving the user the chance to stay on top of market changes. When demand drops, the structure can be quickly removed. This means no wasted empty real estate space.

Temporary fabric structures help expand or contract operating, project, or event space when it’s needed, minimizing wasted costs of committing to long-term space that may sit empty. And, for outdoor projects, like construction, temporary fabric structures can mean the difference between delivering a project on time and on budget, or not.

Operating Cost Savings

Fabric Structure used as vehicle repair bay on-site location

High Valley – Storage and Maintenance

Your temporary fabric building is configured for your needs prior to delivery. You determine the capacity or size of your building based on how you will use it. Allsite prefabricated structures are available in a variety of widths, while the length of your building can be customized in five-meter (16’ 4”) increments. All the structures are high clearance to allow for vehicles, equipment, shelving, etc. as well as creating an inviting, open space for people and events. Your building is scalable. It can be enlarged or reduced in size quickly and easily, so you’re able to pivot on short-notice as needs change.

A cost-effective structure that is tailored to your needs eliminates the need to pay for any unused space. By having the structure on your own land, you can avoid paying rent for someone else’s property. Moreover, a building that is only as big as you need helps you save on additional lighting, heating, and cooling costs.

For what would otherwise be outdoor projects, like construction or aviation, the tension fabric structure lets your team work indoors, through any weather conditions, avoiding costly delays. And, with the building’s interior lighting and climatization readiness, your crews can work day or night, year-round. Meet promised deadlines, keep projects on schedule and avoid surprise delays, down time, cancellations, and the resulting lost revenue or extra personnel costs to make up lost time, resulting in more operational savings.

Enjoy the Benefits of Rent or Lease

Tension Fabric Structure rental for Church services in winter setting

Church Exterior

Like traditional buildings, temporary fabric structures can be purchased for permanent installation when the situation calls for permanent space. But, for most installations, the most effective way to optimize your use of a fabric structure is to rent or lease the building for the time you need it. There are many benefits to leasing your temporary fabric building:

  1. No Capital Investment With rising construction costs, supply chain issues, inevitable rework and design modifications, building a new building today can go over budget and deadline very quickly. Renting or leasing a new building can provide a flexible solution to avoid long delays and substantial upfront costs.
  2. Lower Taxes Leasing a building for your business can provide savings for your operation and an on-site location without the burden of property taxes. Renting a building through an operating lease allows your company to deduct the rental costs, resulting in lower income taxes.
  3. Lower Operating Costs Leasing allows you to realize operational savings due to not having to invest in building improvements or budget for repairs. Your structure, sturdy and durable, requiring little maintenance, comes ready to use. It is installed and configured to fit your needs. Your installation team will be sure the building is problem free and ready to use immediately, and they are available to support you throughout the lease period.
  4. Predictable Cash Flow Leasing/Renting allows you to spread the cost of your facility evenly over the term of the lease. And, once you return the structure, the lease ends, minimizing the impact of the temporary extra building space on your cash flow.
  5. No Long Term Commitment Leasing or renting allows you the flexibility to keep your building only for the time you need it, or you may extend the lease if conditions warrant it. Leasing allows you to manage your operations and cash flow more efficiently.

On-Site Location

aircraft hangar modular structure provides a flexible solution to airplane storage needs.

Aviation Interior

One of the key advantages of a temporary fabric structure is that it can be erected just about anywhere on-site location. Since there are anchoring solutions for almost any surface (concrete, turf, gravel, etc.), all you need is space to put up the structure.

When you need extra space, don’t rent/lease extra building space at some remote location. Set up on your lot, your tension fabric building will allow your team to avoid the extra time and expense of travel to and from remote rented facilities, or having to deal with building access after hours. Access your temporary modular structure right on site, day or night. With your fabric structure on-site location, increase your operating efficiency by keeping staff on site and avoiding extra fuel or mileage reimbursement costs for travel. Employees work right on site and can check in with supervisors and management more quickly and effectively. Keep your vehicles, supplies, tools, and equipment at hand, rather than having to transport them across town where they are less accessible if needed back at your main facility.

And, don’t worry, when the fabric building is removed, it leaves no permanent marks or damage, so your property is left in its original condition.

Flexibility as Needs Change

TFS provides a flexible solution. Once you buy or lease a traditional building, you are locked into its size and location. When your needs change, that building may no longer be an effective solution, either too large or too small, in the wrong location, or it does not have the right features needed for your changing needs

A temporary fabric structure is modular. You choose the size up front, and if the needs change, you can add or reduce space very easily. This also adjusts the cost of your lease, so your building expense is commensurate with your use of the structure. If you start a new project at a different location, your Allsite tension fabric structure can be easily relocated. If the type of use changes, from say inventory storage to an equipment repair facility, you can reconfigure doors, lighting and ventilation to help the building best serve its new purpose.

And, when your project is complete or you no longer need the extra capacity, the building can be completely removed. Temporary fabric structures offer the ultimate convenience and flexibility in acquiring and managing building space for your needs.

Cost of Temporary Fabric Structures

Tension Fabric building constructed as cost-effective solution for Palm Beach Market Fair.

Palm Beach Pavilion

As we’ve seen, temporary fabric structures are cost-effective. They can help maintain a stable cash flow, and the cost can be adjusted as conditions change. What you pay for the building lease is dependent on a number of factors that you and your tension fabric structure expert team will work out according to your needs. Some of the cost factors are the size of your structure, the type of anchorage needed, which is determined by the location and site characteristics, as well as the intended use of the structure.

Also relevant to your prefabricated structure are openings and doorways (such as clamshell doors for aviation, open gable end, freight or cargo doors, personnel doors, etc.) and other accessories such as lighting, fans or insulation lining for extreme weather protection or specialized interior climate control.

Turnkey installation includes delivery, installation and, when the time comes, removal of the building, all for a fixed price. You may also use your own labor to install the structure, with an Allsite consultant and specialized equipment provided to help you complete the work. For more information on how a tension fabric structure can be a cost-effective building solution for your organization, contact Allsite Structure Rentals today.

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