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No matter what industry you are in, much of your success hinges upon maintaining an effective logistics management strategy.  Did you know a temporary fabric warehouse could play a vital role as part of that strategy?

temporary fabric warehouse

If your company relies on warehousing of products and supplies as part of daily operations, then you will need to stay agile in order to capitalize on growing demands.  Here are three ways a Tensioned Fabric Structure (TFS) can help keep your business agile.

A temporary fabric warehouse goes up quickly.

Unexpected or sudden success is what business owners’ dreams are made of.  However, unless your company is flexible and rapid enough to meet increased demand quickly, a sudden jump in sales might create a backlog in production. Your business needs to be agile.

Sudden demand may be a business owner’s dream, but not so for the person who is in charge of supply chain management.  That sudden or seasonal demand might actually become a major stress point.

If you are that person, one thing that may ease your mind is that you can quickly procure for your company a temporary fabric warehouse.

Unlike concrete or brick and mortar warehouses, which can take months or sometimes years to construct, TFS structures can generally be up and running within a fraction of that time.

In fact, our structures are designed not only for superior strength and durability, but also so they can be shipped and assembled quickly.

We can install up to 10,000 square feet per day.  That means construction of your new warehouse will not become the lag point in your distribution network as your business grows and you need to quickly meet demand.

You have options when it comes to assembly and construction of your TFS.

When you are busy meeting increased demand, the last thing you want is to siphon off crewmembers to build or obtain new warehouse space.  To accommodate busy companies that are already working at full capacity to meet demand, Allsite offers turnkey installations.

With turnkey installation of your temporary fabric warehouse, all you do is sit back and let us manage everything for you, including:

  • Scheduling
  • Delivery
  • Construction
  • Installation
  • Removal (if applicable)

For a fixed price, Allsite Structure Rentals offers this complete turnkey package, so business owners can focus on what they do best: keeping their company moving forward.

We also offer our clients full engineering services, which includes a variety of options to provide a true custom structure.

However, if you prefer to supply your own labor, we will accommodate your preferences by supplying just the temporary fabric warehouse and an Allsite Installation Lead.  This person will oversee your entire operation, including the use of specialty tools required for the TFS installation.

You can expand your TFS warehouse quickly and easily.

If you already have a temporary fabric warehouse from Allsite, demand for increased capacity is easily managed via our quick expansion system.

When sales go up, you will need to maintain your supply chain at sufficient levels for the increased demand.  With increased demand may come the need for increased warehouse space.  Again, a TFS warehouse beats traditional construction methods because of speed of construction.

This can be done very quickly, of course, since we designed our structures to be adaptable under practically any circumstances, with very little effort.

Likewise, if you are downsizing your operations, we can have a representative on site to oversee a corresponding downsizing of your warehouse space.

By quickly and easily expanding or downsizing your warehouse space as your company grows or pulls back, Allsite Structure Rentals can help your business stay agile.

With over a million square feet of Allsite temporary fabric structures around the world, we have the knowledge and experience to help any size business with their warehouse needs, no matter how large they need to be and no matter how much customization they require.

Give us a call or drop us a line and one of our design experts can answer your questions about a temporary fabric warehouse for your company so you can stay agile.

Author Jason Cromwell

Jason Cromwell is the General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals. He has a degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara. Jason is a 12 year veteran in all matters related to Tension Fabric Structures with Allsite Structure Rentals and has over 20 years of sales, operations, and management experience. Read more about Jason and the rest of our team at

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