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Reliable, large-scale storage can be a real headache to find. Using tensioned fabric structures (TFS) for warehouses offers a versatile solution for a variety of storage needs. Regardless of what it is you need to store, temporary fabric warehouses can get the job done.

A recent article in Crain’s Detroit Business expands on how the lack of industrial and warehouse space has developers scrambling to obtain large vacant acreage to meet the demanding storage needs. Instead of waiting on the long and costly process of permitting and building permanent structures, temporary fabric warehouses can meet the need quickly and efficiently.

temporary fabric warehouses

TFS temporary fabric warehouses can be 50’ to 156’ wide with a peak height of 54’, making them incredibly spacious. The height of the TFS allows for ample vertical storage space, maximizing the space available for warehousing. A variety of options exist to ensure that the TFS meets the specific needs required for any storage endeavor.

Temporary fabric warehouses use flexible aluminum frames to allow for installation on nearly any surface. TFS warehouses do not require a foundation or a level site, making them usable in nearly any situation. Once installed, a TFS can also be moved using a crane or wheels, making them highly relocatable.

A variety of options to meet any storage project

A number of options exist to customize temporary fabric warehouses to meet the specific needs of any storage job. Steel overhead doors can be attached to the TFS, which, along with the height of the structures, make it possible to easily move heavy machinery and large quantities of product in and out of the structure.

Other accessories include heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) to keep temporary fabric warehouses comfortable, louvers to allow light into the TFS, electric lighting which can be hung from the TFS’ frame, personnel doors, and many other options.

TFS temporary fabric warehouses are perfect for all conditions

In addition to the number of options available for customizing temporary fabric warehouses, tensioned fabric structures offer excellent protection from the elements. No matter where they are used for large-scale storage, temporary fabric warehouses can handle the environment and protect whatever is stored inside.

Tensioned fabric structures are covered in PVC coated polyester scrim. This material makes temporary fabric warehouses UV resistant, flame resistant under California Health & Safety code, and capable of handling temperatures from -22 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temporary fabric warehouses for every job

One of the major advantages of temporary fabric warehouses is the versatility the structures offer. Whatever the job, a TFS can meet the storage demands of the project. Temporary fabric warehouses can be extended to offer almost limitless space, and can be installed rapidly.

For warehouses that need to expand and do not have the immediate space required to meet additional storage needs, a TFS offers a quick solution. Temporary fabric warehouses can be installed at a rate of about 10,000 square feet per day, making it possible to quickly add large volumes of storage space in a relativity brief period of time.

More length can be added to existing temporary fabric warehouses to meet the storage needs of growing warehouse operations as well. With up to 156’ of width, and 54’ of height, tensioned fabric structures offer spacious and convenient temporary fabric warehouses that can meet even the largest storage demands. Additionally, the clear span design allow an open and configurable space without support posts.

A multitude of product types can be warehoused in a fabric structure. For example:

  • Automotive parts
  • Packing materials
  • Foodstuffs
  • Clothing and Fabric
  • Books, files, and documents
  • Office supplies
  • Building materials

The durable nature of TFS temporary fabric warehouses makes them ideal in any environment. A TFS can withstand strong winds, keep products and equipment dry when it rains, and hold up to both the weight and cold temperature of snow. The PVC coated fabric is also UV resistant; protecting whatever is stored inside from the damaging rays from the sun.

Fabric enclosures can solve many of your storage needs while making your company more efficient and cost-effective.

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To learn how quickly a TFS warehouse can be installed to meet your storage needs, contact Allsite Structure Rentals. Our experienced team will help you find the right solution for your temporary warehouse needs.  

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