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Framed fabric structures are a safe, cost-effective choice for indoor sports structures—both temporary and permanent.

Whether you’re looking for an indoor practice facility for rainy days, or an economical alternative to traditional gymnasium construction, an Allsite Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) may be right for your team.

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Is a Framed Fabric Structure Really Tough Enough for an Indoor Sports Facility?

Allsite covered structures are used in mining operations, on construction sites, and even with “heavy duty” entertainment (think retractable stages and lighting systems).

No matter how tough your game, these structures can take whatever you throw at them!

The PVC coated polyester scrim fabric is designed to withstand harsh winds, heavy snow, and other harsh environments. Moreover, the T6061 aluminum used in our frames has a better strength-per-weight ratio than steel!

With a width of up to 156' and a height of up to 54', and length limited only by site space, these indoor sports structures can fit just about anything you need inside them.

This strong framing allows you to hang lighting, scoreboards, PA or speaker systems—even rock climbing walls and zip lines!

(And if you need additional space or height, we can work with you to find a custom and cost-effective solution.)

structured fabric building in use for indoor sports practice
indoor swimming pool
tennis court temporary building

Other Advantages of a TFS Indoor Sports Structure

  • Tension fabric structures offer a sturdy, cost-effective alternative to more traditional brick or cinder block gymnasium construction.
  • Translucent fabric and skylight fabric help reduce electricity costs associated with lighting.
  • Modular construction makes it easy to provide separate changing rooms, with showers and other plumbing easily added.
  • Flexible framing means your new indoor sports building can be installed with no need to lay an expensive foundation.
  • Fabric structures can be easily relocated via truck and crane.
  • Our TFS structures are excellent for environmental control and are made to work with HVAC, exhaust fans and louvers, and HVAC systems.

As an added benefit we can supply you with a fabric structure in a matter of weeks instead of months or years.

Allsite is sure to have the perfect indoor sports structure for your needs! Fill out the form below for a free quote.

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