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It is a fact, business requirements and needs change. Sometimes a business requires more space than currently available. For example, extra work may need to be performed during certain business cycles or holiday periods. That is when a temporary manufacturing building can be a real benefit.

If the current location of your business is under renovation or has unexpected damage, a Temporary Fabric Structure (TFS) can provide a location for daily operations. Another change that can require a temporary manufacturing building is when large orders need to be held as inventory until shipment or overstock needs to be stored.

Tensioned Fabric Buildings

A temporary manufacturing building provides the necessary space you need without the commitment of a permanent building or long-term lease. Since it can be constructed almost anywhere, it can even be built on your current site if you have available space.

Cost Savings of a Temporary Manufacturing Building

One of the biggest advantages of a temporary manufacturing building is the cost savings. If you need to expand your current facilities, budget will undoubtedly play a factor in the decision. As compared to traditional brick and mortar buildings, these structures can be built for a fraction of the cost.

Planning costs, permit fees, and actual construction costs associated with a permanent building are greatly reduced with a TFS. If your need for the additional space is cyclical, a permanent building can be a large outlay of money that might not be a smart business decision.

If time is a factor, such as an unexpected event occurring to the current building or a large order, these temporary structures can be constructed in a matter of days, cutting down on the time lost in switching locations. Additional time is saved because there is no need to search for a building that is the correct size and location.

If the need for the additional space is during a limited time, the temporary manufacturing building can be taken down easily and even relocated if needed. A foundation or level ground is generally not required for these enclosures to be constructed, giving flexibility as to where they can be placed.

Custom Design

A temporary manufacturing building can be built to fit your specific business needs, which may not be the case if you need to find a building to lease. With a vertical height up to 54’ and length only limited by the available space, these enclosures can hold whatever equipment and machinery your business requires, including large vehicles of almost any kind.

The clear span design of Allsite’s TFS means no obstructions in the way of your operations and your complete operations can be easily overseen.

Climate control and ventilation options are also available on temporary manufacturing buildings so employees will be working in a comfortable environment. As for lighting, the available translucent fabric of the enclosure will allow natural light to filter during the day. The option of adding metal halide lighting will ensure adequate working light on cloudy days or during the evening hours.

Multiple Manufacturing Locations

Depending on business location, it may be important to have a contingency plan. If the main manufacturing building is damaged due to a natural disaster such as flood, that facility will not be able to produce product.

temporary manufacturing building

Similarly, another business location provides extra storage space to secure inventory, equipment, tools, and materials. These structures can also be utilized as a secondary or contingent location that will aid in the uninterrupted flow of products to your customers. For example if you cannot ship from one location, due to weather conditions, backlog, etc., you can ship from the other.

A TFS can also be useful as a distribution facility for businesses that are located on one coast while serving a client base on the other. The possible savings in cross country shipping can help to offset the cost of the temporary manufacturing building.

Business Planning

If your business is one that experiences seasonal spikes during certain times of the year, for example, during the holidays, you know how difficult it can be to plan your manufacturing schedule. With a temporary manufacturing building, you will be able to assemble, pack, or store items so that you are able to fulfill orders on schedule.

A TFS gives the business the ability to pre-plan and even take on additional work if the machinery and resources are available. Nothing beats being prepared when large product orders are received.


If some manufacturing portion of the work is taking place outside, moving it into a temporary manufacturing building can make for employees that are more productive. It will also help to protect machinery and equipment from harsh weather that can be damaging.

In turn, this means there could be fewer production delays due to weather conditions. Work can continue on schedule and as planned with little to no interruptions. This equates to more orders being met and customers remaining satisfied.

If you find your business in need of additional space, we have temporary manufacturing buildings available for immediate installation. Call us now at 888.599.5112 to get started.

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