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Coronavirus Emergency Sparks Temporary Hospital Building Need Tension fabric building open to the public in use as convention space or surge hospital space

Learn More About Our Response to COVID-19

Learn About Our Temporary Surge Hospital Buildings

Hospitals and local governments around the country are responding to state and federal calls to vastly increase the number of hospital beds and facilities to cope with the expected medical surge due to the coronavirus pandemic. The urgent priority for more surge hospital building space must be met in order to save lives, and to protect patients and healthcare workers from the dangers of overcrowding in existing hospital space. Laboratory processing, COVID-19 testing and warehouse space to store hospital supplies are also going to be in high demand in the face of the pandemic.

Options for conveniently located and quickly available space are needed to meet demand that is expected to grow at a rapid pace in the weeks to come. Tension fabric structures, such as those offered by leading fabric building provider, Allsite Structure Rentals, are designed for just such situations that require safe, comfortable, versatile structures be put in place and get up and running quickly.

Jason Cromwell, General Manager of Allsite Structure Rentals, explains his priority is to make his product available now where it is needed: “Our tension fabric structures are a simple solution to badly needed hospital expansion space. Working as a team with your staff to identify the right solution, we can install an appropriately sized, ready-to-use building on your site within weeks so you can begin implementing your medical surge response immediately in a space that will facilitate your team’s efforts.”

High Capacity Tension Fabric Structures

Tension fabric structure exterior receiving homeless shelter residents with who will have surge bed space inside

Allsite tension fabric structures are fully functional, high capacity buildings that can be delivered and erected within weeks of order. Functioning much like traditional buildings, they comply with local building codes, can be fitted with electrical and HVAC, and the interior is clear span, with no interior columns or impediments, so they can be configured for use as needed.

Our structures are supported by a highly engineered, curved aluminum frame that offers extreme stability and durability. The PVC fabric cover is architectural grade and high strength, and is resistant to most contaminants. The frame is rust and corrosion free and low maintenance for reliable and durable service. The tension fabric curved structure is highly stable and weather resistant to wind, rain, hail or snow. The interior features a high ceiling for maximum air flow, with ventilation options to keep air fresh and flowing.

These structures can be erected on parking lots, turf or anywhere they are needed, requiring no special ground prep, perfect for any use as a hospital annex building or as a stand-alone facility anywhere it is needed. We have a large, but limited, number of our tension fabric buildings available on a first come first serve basis. We can deploy these large structures, with footprints ranging from widths of 65’-156’, quickly once we receive your order.

Versatile Multi-Use Buildings for a Fast Changing Environment

interior large clear span tension fabric building for use as office, convention space or medical space

Our team is ready to assist with assessing a facility’s specific needs for additional capacity. We can expedite configuration and delivery of the right size structure to accommodate such urgent expansion needs as space for additional hospital beds, ICU units, patient testing, laboratory facility, patient reception, intake and examination areas, or virtually any need that arises on the ground.

These durable engineered structures are built for long term use, or used temporarily to handle expected surges in demand. They are modular and lightweight so they can be easily relocated as needs change. This flexibility means that hospitals and health care facilities can respond quickly, usually within weeks, to changing needs.

Tension fabric buildings represent an opportunity for health care institutions, government health agencies, hospitals and other medical responders to be prepared to handle the influx of coronavirus patients that could otherwise stress local facilities. Tension fabric structures offer a perfect solution to address these needs early, quickly and effectively so that operational capacity and work flow can be as efficient as possible.

Allsite Structure Rentals Ready to Help

Allsite is a provider of tension fabric buildings to a number of industries throughout North America, including in the private and government sectors, with installations for many applications, including use as homeless shelters, and for schools, worship and sports facilities. These expansive structures are also used for public events such as conventions and as indoor entertainment venues, easily accommodating large numbers of people in a well-ventilated, high-clearance environment for maximum comfort. They are immediately available to assist hospital and health agencies dealing with the expected surge in need due to the COVID-19 health emergency.

Contact Allsite Structure Rentals at 1-888-599-5112 for an immediate quote on a fabric structure to solve your hospital surge response needs today.

Author Peter Milligan

Peter Milligan is a Business Development Manager at Allsite, with degree in Psychology from Lafayette College and 14 years experience in matching customers with Tension Fabric Structure solutions. Read more about Peter and the rest of our team at

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