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A typical construction project requires different types of equipment and materials. These items must be organized and stored properly to ensure the safety of the job site. To best manage these materials, a temporary warehouse structure, should be included in the initial planning stages of the work site.

A temporary warehouse structure is a viable option for keeping all necessary material dry, protected from the elements, and clean. This enclosure will greatly help minimize potential damage to them. They allow for enough room for storage of items so they can be found quickly and easily, and allow construction to continue without lost time.

temporary warehouse building

Temporary Warehouse Structures Can Store a Wide Variety Of Materials

No matter what kind of materials you have on your site, a temporary warehouse building can be designed to store them. Allsite has a range of structure sizes from 50’ to 156’ in width and a peak height of up to 54’: allowing for the operation of heavy equipment and the ability to cover existing material on site.

Allsite’s structures utilize a clear span design, which means they are unobstructed by internal columns, beans, and walls so you will have more space for your equipment and building materials. This also makes it easy for movement within the temporary structure, loading and handling, and entry and exit access.

Easy to Install and Relocate

A temporary warehouse building has a modular design, which enables them to be constructed, moved, and deconstructed quickly. They can also be expanded if extra equipment or storage is needed. Plus, they are perfect for construction sites as they usually do not require a foundation or level site.

As needs change at a job site, materials and equipment might need to be moved. This can be done quickly and easily with a temporary warehouse building. These structures can be moved by either crane lift or an available wheel system, which allows them to be moved around the job site as needed. Once the job is finished, the structure is easily removed.

Protection from the Elements

One of the most difficult tasks in construction during the winter months is dealing with the weather conditions. Moving building materials and equipment out of the rain, snow, and ice is time-consuming and requires effort and manpower. A temporary warehouse building will allow for all materials and equipment to remain dry, clean and undamaged, especially during winter months.

In humid or wet environments, moisture and mold can damage or change the efficacy of certain materials. A temporary warehouse building will reduce the amount of exposure to moisture, which is especially important for a material such as drywall or framing lumber. Our TFS structures use durable, non-corrosive materials that meet the challenges presented by these harsh conditions.

Proper ventilation within the structure will also help to control moisture levels. Ventilation options of either exhaust fans or louvers will keep equipment, vehicles, and materials in the best possible condition. This equates to a cost savings because materials will not be misplaced or need to be replaced from damage.

Construction Materials Plan

A temporary building warehouse allows all building supplies to be kept in one secure place and cuts down on the chance that they will be misplaced. Areas for storage should be defined at the beginning of the project so they are not overfilled and unorganized. This enables materials to be handled and unloaded with ease.

drywall material

These structures are also large enough to allow trucks to enter and transport materials. Allsite’s Temporary Fabric Structures (TFS) have sufficient space for similar materials to be stored together so that site workers can find items quickly and easily, ensuring that a project will be finished on time.

Job Site Safety

A construction site is already a highly hazardous area. The ability to handle construction material safely is vital to the daily functioning of a work site. Hazardous and flammable items in particular must be handled carefully and in the correct way.

In addition, keeping site workers and visitors safe is a concern. For example, employees can be injured by improperly stacked supplies and falling objects. The proper storage and handling of all construction materials in a temporary warehouse building will minimize the potential for harm at a job site.

For more information about how Allsite can keep your construction site safe, organized, and protected, please click here. Our team of experts is also available to answer any of your questions by phone at 888.599.5112.

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