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When your business needs extra storage space, it can be difficult to find temporary warehouse space that fits all of your needs. It might be too large, too small, too far away, not the right dimensions, cost too much to rent, and the list goes on and on. It can take months to find the proper space for your requirements, and a great deal of time and energy.

Tensioned Fabric Buildings

If you choose not to rent and want to build a permanent structure, your costs will soar and it will take months, if not years, to complete. A temporary warehouse space may be the perfect solution to your storage needs. Whether you are storing inventory for your business, electronics, or building materials, almost anything can be protected by such an enclosure.

A Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) is an ideal structure for temporary warehouse space needs and maintenance facilities. You can pick the location, size, and design, making sure that your warehouse space meets your business requirements.

Convenience First with Temporary Warehouse Space

If you would like your warehouse to be close by, but there are no traditional warehouses in the size or location you need, a temporary warehouse space can be constructed where you need it. They can be built almost anywhere and no foundation is usually required. TFS makes accessibility effortless when it is right on your site.

Although the word temporary is used, these structures are durable enough to last for years, as only the highest quality materials are used. Therefore, whether you want to use it for one season, or several years, this enclosure will hold up under most any conditions.

Ease of Use

The clear span design of an Allsite temporary warehouse building will enable you to see exactly what you have, and sections can be created to keep goods sorted and organized.   Available translucent fabric will help keep the space well lit.

temporary warehouse space

The temporary warehouse space can be constructed to fit your exact storage requirements; however, if at any time, you require additional storage space, the modular construction allows a temporary warehouse building to be easily expanded to fit more inventory. If your business needs change, the structure can be relocated with a crane or available wheels.

Asset Protection

When you own a business, storing goods and inventory properly in order to avoid damage and loss is critical to the bottom line.

One of the biggest advantages of a temporary warehouse space is that it helps to keep your items safe from theft, vandalism, and the weather. The structures are built to be secure with a choice of steel overhead doors or fabric cargo doors. These available door options also make it easy to load and unload items.

Goods will also be protected from the weather elements. We offer a choice of concrete berm, beam flap or insulation and/or liner as weatherproofing options. There is no need to worry about the roof leaking and water damage as the fabric is tensioned both vertically and horizontally for a tight seal.

If you need to store items that require a certain minimum temperature, the temporary warehouse space can be climate-controlled. Items such as paper, computers and electronics, home furnishings and mattresses, clothing, and high-end goods such as art will be safeguarded from humidity and extreme temperatures, which can be damaging.

Economically Smart

Buying or building a permanent warehouse building is a costly undertaking. Most business do not have the money for the construction, permits, taxes, and maintenance. If you are anticipating that your needs will change, you now have a permanent structure that you either have to sell or sub-lease. Renting warehouse space can be just as pricey with most landlords requiring a base rental fee plus operating expenses.

A temporary warehouse space offers a more economical solution for many companies. These structures are designed to last for years so if you are unsure of how long you will need the space, you have the flexibility you desire.

For seasonal businesses especially, a temporary warehouse space provides a lower cost option while keeping all equipment and items for the season close at hand.

Contact Allsite today to find out more about our accessories and packages designed specifically for the needs of warehouse and maintenance facilities. We have a large selection of inventory that is ready to be installed. Click here to learn more about our warehouses.

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