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How Tough is a Temporary Warehouse Structure?

The beauty of a temporary warehouse structure lies in how quickly they go up, how easy they are to relocate, and how they usually do not require a foundation, leaving hardly any footprint once you take them down.

temporary warehouse structure

Strength and Longevity with a Temporary Warehouse Structure

But did you also know that Allsite’s TFS structures are amazingly tough and long-lasting, too?  In fact, we even offer them as semi-permanent installations to clients that want a long-lasting solution to their warehousing needs.

You might wonder how a “fabric” structure can be so durable, storm-resistant, and tough enough to withstand decades of heavy use.  It all boils down to two main characteristics of these structures:

  1. The sturdy aluminum frame
  2. The PVC-coated fabric

Most people understand the properties of aircraft grade aluminum, but PVC-coated fabric is more of a mystery.  To clear up any confusion you might have about this amazingly resilient and durable fabric, here is a quick-and-easy explanation of how “fabric” can be turned into a wall.

How PVC-Coated Fabric Becomes A Wall

The strength of the PVC-coated fabric used in Allsite’s structures is incredible.  You may already know of this fabric from everyday life.

Vinyl-Coated Polyester is strong stuff: you know it from everyday applications like these.

Think of a punching bag in a gym, or the heavy mats used in a gym.  They are made with vinyl-coated polyester.  So is the tarp covering the bed of an 18-wheeler truck you see barreling past you on the highway.  Have you ever seen an oil boom in place after an oil spill?  Also vinyl-coated (PVC) fabric.

Pretty strong stuff, right?  All of these are examples of where strength, weather-resistance, and durability in a PVC-coated fabric are absolutely essential.

That is why these industrial applications require 18-oz. vinyl coated polyester.  It is heat sealable, mildew and UV resistant, and not susceptible to penetration by oil, which makes it ideal as an oil boom that is constantly exposed to intense sun, salt water, and petroleum for months on end.

Sometimes, when the occasion calls for it, oil booms are made with 22-oz fabric, which is even more resilient than the 18-oz.  The superior 22-oz product is also used in tank liners and many other industrial applications where superior strength and durability are required.

Allsite’s TFS are made with even stronger 29 oz. PVC-coated polyester.

As strong as the 18 and 22 ounce fabrics are, and as sufficient as they are for all those industrial applications, they are not good enough for Allsite.

A temporary warehouse structure from Allsite is typically made with incredibly strong and durable 29-oz. fabric.  This is the heavy-duty material that is used in the airline and automotive industries.

If you have seen the material used in dock seals at distribution centers, that would also be the heavy-duty type of vinyl coated polyester we use here at Allsite.

We take the ultra-strong fabric and apply hundreds of pounds of pressure to give it strength beyond compare.

The fabric in Allsite’s structures is tensioned both horizontally and vertically.  The result is something most people would not call “fabric” but rather something much more rigid and durable.  What started out flexible becomes tensioned to the point where it becomes a wall.

That dual tensioning also provides superior fit and seal along the sturdy aluminum frame.  That means weather- resistant, as well as preservation of the interior environment, always an issue with a temporary warehouse structure.

The PVC coating means the structure is fire resistant, too.

The fabric used in a temporary warehouse structure from Allsite is certified by the State of California as fire resistant.  We know that is important to business owners who trust one of their largest assets to a warehouse: their inventory.

The Bottom Line

PVC is a thermoplastic used in many industrial applications not only because of the strength it possesses but also for a range of other reasons, including:

  • flame resistance
  • UV resistance
  • oil resistance
  • chemical resistance
  • resistant to freeze-thaw damage
  • mildew resistant
  • water resistant

Allsite uses super, heavy duty PVC fabric in its tensioned fabric structures, making them very durable.  In numerous cases, this durable fabric will last many years, meaning your temporary warehouse structure might not be so temporary after all.

Want to learn more about Allsite’s durable and long-lasting tensioned fabric structures?   Give us a call today, and see how we can solve your warehousing needs with a tough, durable temporary warehouse structure.

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