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Save Time and Money with Allsite’s Temporary and Portable Warehouse Structure Solutions

With winter weather quickly approaching, many businesses are using temporary warehouse structures to avoid delays and keep businesses running smoothly. Bad weather can delay projects and cost thousands of dollars in overhead.

Business expansion is another time additional when warehouse coverage is needed. Spikes in business, whether seasonal or new product or brand exposure, often mean an immediate need for more storage. Temporary warehouse structures may be the solution. When time is of the essence these temporary structures give extra square footage in a fraction of the time of more traditional buildings.

a photo of growth for temporary warehouse structures

Temporary Warehouse Structure Provisions

Temporary warehouse structures provide storage and portable warehouse buildings that can add tens of thousands of square feet under roof. In the past, there were only two options available for companies needing additional temporary storage. They could build or rent a permanent structure or set up a tent. The first option is very costly; the second lacks security and strength.

Value of Having Temporary Warehouse Structures

Many companies are finding temporary warehouse structures to be a superior option to keep operations running efficiently. Using a proven solution to store valuable products only makes sense. Businesses in countries all around the world have made extensive use of temporary warehouse structures.

A fabric covered enclosure, set up for use as a warehouse, can be leased for considerably less money than leasing a conventional warehouse.

From our article, Temporary Warehouse Rental can Solve Permanent Problems.

Temporary warehouse structures are capable of having adequate ventilation, fans, and HVAC equipment. These features ensure contents remain safe and protected from inclement weather conditions.

Items and products that have been placed in temporary warehouse structures include electronics, perishables, furniture, roofing shingles, paint, fabric, home accessories and automobile components…to name a few.

Allsite has a range of structure sizes from 50’ to 156’ width that will work with any site. Learn more here.

The structures are not only portable and temporary, but easily expandable. A sudden need for additional storage can be met without dismantling the existing structure. The modular setup of these temporary structures means if you have the space the structure size can be increased. Doors for the structure are customizable too. Personnel doors or overhead roll-up doors that suit operational needs are available.

Modular in design, temporary warehouse structures can be expanded as needs change. No two user requirements are the same. The structures are entirely customizable. Specialized features include heavy duty flooring, temperature control systems, glass entry doors, roll-up warehouse doors, full lighting systems, and side walls that can be opened easily.

Accessories for temporary warehouses structures include:

    • Doors


    • Ventilation


    • Anchorage


    • Weatherproofing


    • Lighting


  • HVAC


Unlike permanent construction, temporary warehouse structures delivery is fast and building on-site is completed within days. There is no special foundation requirement. Temporary warehouse structures can be built on existing concrete, asphalt, or dirt.

Temporary warehouse structures are engineered to withstand blistering summers, freezing gales, and extreme snow and wind. One of the best selling points is the fact that temporary warehouse structures can be erected at a cost that is a fraction of brick-and-mortar structures.

Natural light is provided inside the structures with translucent fabric. Skylights are an option too.

Companies needing flexible, weather-resistant structures in a short time frame are offered a wide selection of temporary warehouse structures. The structures are designed to be long-lasting and versatile. Custom sizes that satisfy any requirement can be provided.

Important Advantages

  • Having temporary warehouse structures erected means the warehouses are available sooner rather than later.
  • Operations are simplified by the column-free warehouse construction.
  • Power demands are reduced because natural daylight is maximized.
  • Convenient temporary warehouse structures allow businesses to respond to opportunities.
  • Businesses can be more responsive because the temporary warehouse structures can be easily relocated.

The durable frame and flame-retardant fabric allow temporary warehouse structures to withstand harsh weather and strong winds. They protect contents and people from weather conditions that are adverse. The absence of center poles and exterior guy lines add to the versatility.

If your business is expanding and in need of more space, our temporary fabric structures could be exactly what you need. Whether your needs are seasonal or more permanent we can help.

Allsite Structure Rentals will minimize construction costs and provide the needed functionality that your business requires. Call us now at 888.599.5112.

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