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tension fabric aircraft hangarGovernments at all levels are gearing up for the start of long-awaited infrastructure projects. The law will fund roads, bridges, airport modernization, passenger and freight rail systems, public transit as well as parts of the power grid and aging water systems. While these will be rolling out over the next few years, there are already many other services and projects that need facilities to carry out their mission. Because of their temporary funding nature, infrastructure projects and other government priorities may require temporary government buildings. The temporary buildings need to be available quickly and be fast and easy to fund, such as through short or long-term leasing programs.

Temporary Fabric Buildings for Government Projects

Allsite tension fabric structures provide the ideal indoor space to carry out project work. They protect staff and equipment from the elements, providing comfortable and versatile space for almost any activity. These high-quality temporary or permanent structures are a popular solution for use as aviation hangars, fire department facilities, recycling centers, sports, public events and services centers, and for many other projects carried out by government services. We are proud to serve a number of government clients, meeting their needs across North America for a range of applications.

Tension fabric buildings support a range of temporary and permanent activities at local, regional, state, and federal government levels. Because of their range of sizes and clear span, high clearance interior, tension fabric buildings are reliable solutions for large or small projects. And, when budgets are tight, our leased temporary buildings provide the same benefits as brick and mortar buildings with the ease of monthly lease payments instead of needing capital budgeting funding or experiencing the hassles and delays of building construction.

What is the Allsite Tension Fabric Structure?

tfs structure for event

The Allsite Tension Fabric Structure (TFS) is a high-strength, high clearance stable, temporary modular building that provides comfortable open floor interior space that can be used for almost any purpose. The building’s strength and stability begins with its durable extruded aluminum alloy frame. When the curved frame is covered with tensioned industrial strength PVC panels, its stability is further reinforced, creating a reliable wind and weather-resistant structure, with stability and strength similar to a traditional brick and mortar building.

The lightweight aluminum frame is transported in sections and assembled on-site, making the installation quick and easy. Along with a choice of openings or door styles, and lighting and ventilation options available from Allsite when the building is configured, the user can also outfit the building with power, HVAC, overhead signage and any other amenities to get it ready for its intended use.

With no posts and all the interior floor space available, the space can be used to house equipment as large as aircraft, helicopters and construction vehicles, or it can be partitioned and used as housing, office space or for processing, maintenance, or other activities. Its bright, open interior makes the TFS perfect for indoor public events such as expos, meeting facilities, sports or other community activities. Its airy, comfortable interior makes it a good choice for homeless or disaster shelters where it can easily house large numbers of people.

The structure is also ideal for extreme climates as it sheds rain and snow, is wind-resistant, and the bright fabric reflects UV light and heat, helping keep the interior cooler in hot climates. With a number of anchoring options, the building can be installed on any terrain and does not require a foundation. A TFS can function for decades with minimal maintenance. Structures can be delivered anywhere in the US or Canada.

How Do Government Entities Use Tension Fabric Structures?

tfs tennis court

Because the TFS  is so versatile, we have worked with a wide range of government agencies to install buildings for a number of projects, both short and long-term. Here are just a few of the ways the building can help public entities from city and county governments to state and federal agencies fill urgent indoor building space needs on a short or long-term basis:

Transportation and Equipment Storage

Warehousing and processing

Disaster Management

Community Services

Expansion and Projects

  • Infrastructure projects
  • Temporary facilities during remodeling or relocation
  • Office, services, and personnel facilities
  • One time projects headquarters

Allsite Structures Project Partners to Public Services

Allsite takes pride in personalized service for your project from start to finish. Our team will configure a structure of the best size and features that fits your project needs. Your modular building can be leased for as long as it’s needed, and can usually be delivered within weeks of order. Whatever your application, and no matter the location, solve your project, storage or operations space shortages quickly with a spacious, weather-resistant tension fabric structure from Allsite. Contact us at 888-532-0472.

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